I've been trying to find a white slim-fit dress shirt to go along my skinny tie. Any ideas??

It seems hard to find a slim-fit dress shirt since most of them are very loose around the sleeves and chest area. I would like to find a shirt that would fit a athletic type body. Price arrange should be around $100 or less is ideal. Please help....thanks guy!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    yeah gap has a shirt line that is called "fitted"... it should fit better in chest/arm area. also express men, macy's and maybe abercrombie will have some that style. :) good luck~

  • jowers
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    4 years ago

    in case you'll locate a yellow blouse which will bypass including your gown a white tie might want to seem reliable with it. White shirts bypass with something yet you may want to do a black blouse too in accordance with what his style/colouring is.

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    maybe you should wear a bar and pad it like some ladies do there is a bra out now just get the aa cup and it will bring you up to a cup size bigger or maybe a wonder bra.. if your going to wear a dress you may as well go all out and do with style..most cross dresser i have seen do it with so much flair they put us women to shame.. you sound as if you have not been doing it all that long so maybe you should ask some of your friends for help

  • 1 decade ago

    well, I'm not a guy, but I would suggest going to the Gap or Express Men and looking :)

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