HELP!!! Just bought really cute shoes and cant wear them!?

hi everyone,

I just bought these really cute new steve madden shoes and i've been having problems with my heel slipping out of them?? I bought the heel inserts at payless and they helped for about 5 min and then my heel starting slipping out again? Does anyone have any ideas that could help me?

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    I'd take them back and try a different size, if that doesn't work i'd return them. Sometimes the way a certain shoe is made won't fit everybody- we all have different feet!

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    You can always insert those disposable nylons that you can get at stores like DSW (for when you're trying shoes on) - insert them in toe part so that the shoe fits right. I do that to these cute Nicole shoes that I bought a few weeks ago and it works perfectly! It's better than tissues bc tissues can get torn up inside your shoes. AND you can pick them up at any shoe store!

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    Are you sure they're the right size? I know it sounds a stupid question, but sometimes the wrong sizes are printed in shoes. If heel grips don't work, it's worth asking a shoe repairer if he can suggest anything

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    try putting some bunched up tissues just in the toe area... keep the heel inserts and see if it stays. i do that w/ a pair of pumps i bought, they're slightly bigger than i thought, and the tissue at the bottom of the foot stops u from sliding in alll the way.

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  • 4 years ago

    hi! i'm in Scotland too :) Sorry to take heed to approximately your problems, yet you may seem great warm in that gown. How a pair of pair of ballerina pumps with some form of ornament on them? Or what a pair of pair of rhinestone lined turn flops (I observed some in Monsoon's decorate the different day - stunning). additionally attempt new seem for his or her extensive shoe selection - they have have been given alot of warm low heels. different smart why no longer decide for a classic low heel? It relies upon the form you p.c. to paintings the gown. as this is uncomplicated you may particularly make it bypass in any direction you p.c., working in neckscarves, bags, jewellry, footwear, etc. in case you're wanting to maintain it attractive like in the photograph on the internet internet site you published on your question, i might decide for a pair of pumps with extensive diamanté brooch on the front, or the spectacular rhinestone gladiator sandals that River Island are doing on the mo' (they're someplace between 25 and 35 quid if my reminiscence serves me nicely). desire that facilitates!

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    wear a lot of socks or roll up some Kleenex where it hurts and use double stick tape to stick it together.

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    try foot petals. you can get them at nordstrom. they have ones for every type of shoe problem, i swear by them.

  • 1 decade ago

    use panti hoses seems liek you bought them a bit small for your foot.

  • 1 decade ago

    buy smaller shoes

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