Why NYPD does not arrest fake brand shops in NY?

There are so many fake brand sellers in mid-town and chinatown in Manhattan.

US government makes a complaint about fake products in China.

Why NYPD does not arrest fake brand shops in NY?

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    NYPD too busy shooting off innocent people. That's their daily dose of fun.


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    Most of the people who sell fake stuff (bags, watches) or manufacture it (DVD's) try to keep it hidden. The police do have a special group that investigates the counterfeit things. Not long ago, there was a big story in the paper and on TV where arrests were made in Chinatown. Some places have special rooms where they hide from the street. Police often need a warrant to go into these stores. Warrants are based on enough cause which can only occur when there is evidence and/or witnesses. It's not easy to catch these fake shops, especially since tourists looking for a bargain knock-off don't want to tell anyone.

    It's not easy to get rid of these shops. It's a problem all over the country.

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    Usually when we walk by they are already hiding. They call each other to slow down the activities for a little bit. We can't just barge into the place even though we know where it is. It's not a top piority right now to have a operation against it. Also it's actually good for the economy in some ways.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Because the cops are too busy giving people tickets for loud mufflers and stupid stuff like tints...

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