What are the pros of immigration?

I need to write a 10pg. term paper and i need other's opinions of the pros. please help me out.

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    Among supporters of a more modern and moderate immigration policy, there is general agreement that the United States will eventually reduce legal immigration to traditional, sustainable levels and will end illegal immigration. We believe this because our arguments are correct, most people agree with us, and current policy is simply too opposed to everything we know about human nature.

    Nevertheless, achieving our goal will be difficult because we immigration realists are fighting against a powerful array of meaningless cliches and unjustified assumptions that seem to have sunk deep into the collective American consciousness.They can be found on the above link

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    Pro's for LEGAL immigrant's, a better land to be free in, a better job, more money, security, better education, for children, and themselves. A right to freedom of speech (in America), a right to vote, and have an opinion, to speak out, even if it's not popular. Own a home after you've saved. Belonging to a free society.

    Illegal trespassing pro's, NONE OF THE ABOVE, barely work, don't pay taxes, get free welfare, housing, food, medical care, commit crime, hurt American citizen's and those who are legal here, and send stolen money back to their country. This however will not last long, American's are fighting back now, finally.

    Bless America!

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    In the past here, this was good because it usually meant freedom for people who were under some form of persecution, either ethnic or religious versions.

    Today, I believe the pros are that it promotes ethnic and cultural diversity and it can aid growth of a country, assuming the talents immigrants possess are additive to the societyl

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    If you are talking legal immigration there are some. It creates a more diverse nation with new skill sets. Brings in culture which adds to the greatness of life experience. It helps people here relate to other countries and traditions.

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  • 1 decade ago

    new population to meet demand for labor. Talented and educated people from other countries enhance the pool in the target country.

    new population to consume more goods

    creates diverse population

    immigrants bring their culture, language, customs, food, etc. which enriches the country (usually)

    often times, provides for a better future to the immigrants.

  • Ibredd
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    1 decade ago

    controled Immigration is good, Illegal or uncontroled immigration is where we get all of another nations crimminals, murders, rapist etc. running frim their own countries police. Keeps the other nations taxes lower as they don't have to build jails.

  • DAR
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    For legal immigration there are a thousand pros, it gets us skills we may be short of, it brings foreign investment, etc. However legal immigration is slanted to bring in mostly those who can earn enough money to pay enough taxes to pay for education and services for their families. Legal immigrants have a lower criminal rate than does our general population. Illegal immigrants can't pay taxes enough to cover their services like education for their families, generally, and the 4% of the population estimated to be illegal immigrants make up 30% of our prison population, nationwide.

    So there is a big difference between whether 'immigration' refers to legal or illegal immigration.

  • Wibble
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    1 decade ago

    Legal or illegal? There's a big difference.

    Points to consider:

    Burden on the community - healthcare costs, education costs, crime.

    Cheap labor, impact on local job searchers - being overlooked for cheaper immigrant workers.

  • 1 decade ago

    Well, believe it or not, they take the jobs Americans dont want, but still need to be filled. We've actually been firing illegals though recently, and have been hiring convicted criminals to handle our food instead. Which do you prefer??

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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