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mini-dress and boots: still in??

I've got a GREAT mini-dress, which clings in all the right places if you get what I mean. I'm not keen on my calves though - so could I wear my black and red print dress with heeled knee-boots?? I know this was a key look in the 90s (judging by my buffy the vampire slayer DVDs), which i really love, but is it out of fashion now??

advice appreciated!! thanks x

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    Yeah of course!! It is so in right now. Take a look at some of these leading ladies and they will show you that mini dresses and boots are a must have look for the season!

    Jessica Simpson,com...

    Christina Aguilera,com...,com...

    Sienna Miller,com...

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    I would say no. Buy some magazines... Elle, Zink, Clear, etc.. to see what the latest fashions are. Not only that but there are sites that shows whats in and you can find cheaper versions of that.

    Sadly, the 80's is whats in full drive right now, 90's arent. Can you wear leggings with this dress? Jeans? Jeans is sometimes really cute with a dress because it turns it into a top. Mix it up and have fun with it.

    Im sure that your calves are fine. All the imperfections that you see, doesnt mean that others see them. We just over judge our bodies because we arent happy with ourselves. Practice being confident, that will make you look great while showing your legs off!

    Source(s): I have muscular legs... I have been there! :)
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    Yes!! It is still in fashion. It just depends on the print of the dress, and what you accessorize it with. Chunky long necklaces are in all the magazines right now. So zip up those boots, and enjoy your party!

    Source(s): I am a Hairstylist who reads all the fashion magazines on her breaks.
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    I don't see that look much, but I live in a fairly small town and go to a school with less than 600 people. If you were in a bigger city, the look would probably be fine, because there tends to be much more variety. Here, if someone were to come to school in that, they could only pull it off if they were one of the wicked popular people who can wear anything and still have everyone wanting to be them.

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    I was just watching Buffy DVDs yesterday (season one), and I don't think that look will go out of style for a long time, unless the world goes through an Amish fad...

    Go for it!

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    warm! do no longer ignore to end the seem with sheer black mist or extremely black pantyhose. The hose will make your legs seem long, cutting-part, and comely with the mini gown and boots. A lighter coloration of black hose will bypass nicely with a darker black gown and boots.

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    mini dresses are totally in right now but prolly not with the boots. u could try another alternative like leggings with flats or pumps!

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    i don't think it really matters whether or not it's "in style." at my school, when we don't wear our uniforms, everyone dresses the same (Abercrombie & Fitch, Hollister, American Eagle, w/Ugg boots, etc.). they are all supposedly "in style" but i don't really go by that. after all, do you really want to look exactly the same as every other person on the planet?

    and about the boots, i would go for it

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    Mini dresses and boots are never out of style.

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    Never be a slave to fashion dictation, make your own sense of style. It helps to have great legs.

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