Infected Finger Joint from Cat Scratch? Or just Bruising?

Hi..yesterday I was scratched by a kitten on 2 fingers...barely a wound mark, but it hurt. I washed immediately and put antiseptic on. A few hours later noticed finger feels bruised and hurts to bend it, but still no swelling around puncture mark or anything. No redness, no swelling, but hurts ALOT to bend. I have alot of cats and get scratched alot, but have never had such a bruising feeling after???? It feels like there is a great big bruise or something on the joint. It seems to feel better for a minute or so after I run it under hot water. I'm allergic to antibiotics so this is really scaring me! Thanks


I don't think it's cat scratch least not at this scratch fever is preceded by the point of scratch forming blister about 48 hours after scratch...hasn't happened and would rarely cause symptoms this quickly.

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    If you are feeling sick from it, or if ti's swollen, go to the doctor, because i know someone who almost died because of a cat scratch. They have some bacteria on their paws and mouth from the litter box, and if you get that, it can kill you, so go to the doctor asap.

    Source(s): Personal experience.
  • Cat Scratch fever is very serious!!

    It will cause Cellulitis which spreads every day and affect an entire area, NOT funny go to the DOCTOR or ER immediately!!

    PS get rid of the cats, they will continue to cause problems now that your body is very sensitive to this

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    sounds like it could be cat scratch fever, i know it sounds silly but it is a true thing, i had it when i was little. not real common doesn't happen most times you get scratched, but eventually effected my lymph nodes, and i couldn't even walk. my scratch was on my knee. clears up with antibiotics, sorry to say

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