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i always wear my hair in a ponytail?

i have long black hair and i always wear it in a ponytail

should i wear it different?


everyone always asks why don't u leave your hair down and y don't u put it different

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    People say the same things to me! If you like wearing your hair in a pony tail then do it. You could try finding different ponytail styles like the "poof" in the front or by having sweeping bangs. It's just up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

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    Yes....wearing your hair in a ponytail all the time can cause breakage at the spot that you always wear your ponytail....if you must wear your hair back, then you should change up were you place your ponytail...don't always were it in the same spot. Some days wear it low, the other days should also try wearing it down more often....long hair is so pretty!!

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    Using a ponytail, specially too tight may lead to breakage and weaken of your hair, dare you to try something different I bet you will find some styles that suit you and make you look beautiful, besides a lot of girls use ponytails when they have a bad hair day or their haircut has gone too long for its original shape.... please don't give this impression, if you can't stand hair in your face use a badana or something cute. You will see that with the right haircut wearing it down will be easier and very flattering

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    Join the club...I have black hair and I wear it in a ponytail too, but that is because my hair is extremely frizzy and looks like some sort of huge bush when I leave it open lol

    See what sort of styles you can do to ur hair and see what looks good on you! Look all around the internet for some hairstyle tips too and try them out

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    I have black hair too. I wear it down all the time.. And people get on me for that! lol You can't satisfy everyone.. but one cute look is a half pony tail.. and on the top ponytail put a hair clip (the butterfly clips or whatever they are! lol) under the pony to give it some lift!! it looks really cute specially if you have layers in your hair.

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    yes, wearing your hair up the same way all the time can damage your hair. try differnt styles of ponytails if that's what you like, wear your hair down, braids, french twists are really pretty, buns, up in a clip, top half pulled back in a barrette... there are so many styles you can try. be careful with buns and some types of braids though since you have long hair, it can easily become top heavy which will give you an aweful headache. believe me, i know. up until recently my hair was down past my waist.

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    I feel like that. I always have my hair in a ponytail and all my friends tell me to leave it down and whatever. You might want to try a different hairstyle just for fun but it's your hair.

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    Only if you want a change. I wear mine in a ponytail 5 days a week and on the weekends I let it down.

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    Yes! You could try pulling it half up away from your face if you're not comfortable wearing it all the way down. Also, low, loose pigtails are really cute on most people. One of my favorite hairstyles is braiding my hair so that the braid falls down one side of my neck and shows in front. That would work on you if you have long hair.

  • it depends, if u feel the change is necessary, then go ahead and do it. I know how it feels, my hair is almost at my waist and everyday last year, it was up in a pony tail/bun. When i finally let it out, people i didn't even know were coming up to me asking was i new to the area, lol. But its your choice, if your comfortable with your hair out, then do it...change is good:)

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