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does perming your hair permenitally curly stay like that forever or how long?

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    Once you get a perm it will stay in your hair until your hair grows out. How long will just depend on how fast your hair grows.

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    depends on the perm... i have very curly/wavy hair, so i have to do what's called the MAGIC straight perm (japanese/korean hair salons do it). it takes 3-4 hours, and is about $200+ , but worth it because it lasts until your New hair grows out! that's like 6 mo of getting out of the shower and not blow drying ur hair.. amazing. and u can get a straightener and just straigthen the tops of the hair as it grows out slowly.

    only thing is i hate going to the salon, and i hate staying 3-4 hours, and it's hard to find a good place where u like the hairstylist, etc. currently i've been putting it off..but yeah it's worth it if ur hair is crazy

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    Wishful thinking, whether you employ a straightener while it grows out lower back that's going to be curly lower back. Be overjoyed and happy people spend hundreds of $ to get curly hair. a minimum of you may straighten it each as quickly as in awhile. you likely would not be happy to have at as quickly as hair all of the time reason it gets tiring besides.

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    My husband wants to know why we don't call it a "temporary", because it sure is NOT permanent! LOL! I have to get mine redone about every 3-4 months. Between it growing out and the chemicals washing out and no longer really holding the curl well, that is about how long my "permanent" lasts for real.

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    perming your hair doesnt make it stay curly forever. think of it as dying your hair. as your hair grows out, you can see your natural color. then you have to re-dye your hair. same thing with the perm. as your hair grows, you can see your natural hair coming out. so you have to periodically go back to the salon and get it 'touched up' i guess you could say. hope that makes sense!!

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    you have to be older than 16 yrs old and like what others have said, it grows ouut, depends how fast or slow your hair grows also, the chemicals they use can damage your hair, apparantly it can make your hair fall out and leave it looking dry and not that nice, so check out by the hairdressers which chemicals are used ect, they dont mind giving you answers.

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    No , it only last as long as it takes for your hair to grow out. Also if you don't like it you can have your hair straightened.

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    no it wont stay forever maybe 2 years but fir it to at least work you have to be older the 12

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    it will loosen as time goes on, but you will always have some sort of wave-your roots will just grow out straight

    Source(s): **rockin hairstylist**
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    they call it a "Permanent " for a reason duh!

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