To all the African-Americans reading this...?

Why are blacks still practicing Christianity, a religion forced upon them? Why do they continue to believe the Democrats have anything to offer except the payment of lip-service? Why is their such a great reliance upon leadership for further gains on civil rights when it is clear that such movements are only made possible by a huge amount of anonymous people working constantly for a given objective? And why, oh why, are tools like Barack Obama, JC Watts, Condelezza Rice, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Colin Powell taken seriously as representatives of blacks' interests?

I ask this because it pains me to see that African-Americans continue to be deprived of their most basic rights whilst believing, at least to some degree, that whatever victories they had in the 50's and 60's haven't been severely damaged by those who run the US.


By the way, I apologize for any hurt my use of "African-American" or black may cause. I don't really consider race anything but a technicality, a mere difference of colors, but it seems like it's an issue, which is just too bad. In the end, I figured those two terms were the less hurtful ones (from what I, a white Brazilian who lived in the US, understand, "people of color", Negroes, and other words of the sort are extremely racist).

Update 2:

And yes, I should have been more precise in my question. I know that not all black folk are Christians or believe in the aforementioned "leaders". My apologies.

Update 3:

In this one last addition, I'd to point out that I'm a Jew that doesn't care about being a Jew; I'm a white Brazilian male, age 25; and the rights of which blacks are deprived include:

- Health care, private or public;

- Decent education, private or public; and

- Proper representation in the political system.

I really don't care about race, it's a non-issue to me, black, pink, yellow, green, it's all the same. As for religion, I despise all of them, no exceptions. I just ask this because I lived in Boston for five years, a city called "liberal" by many, and saw segregation that would have made Strom Thurmond proud.

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    Why are ignornant sterotypes of the masses assumed to speak for an entire race. Why are you given the option to voice your opinion. Why is anyone of color assumed to represent or speak for a entire race of color just because they have reached a platform of power where they are allowed to express their individual opinions along with all the other white men. Why do white people have the option of choice to decide which "human" they do or do not agree with politically but it is assumed that the black person must follow skin tone instead of their beliefs. It's a matter of choice - - freedom of choice - - freedom of belief - - freedom of political standing and a matter of opinion. And we as people have a choice to agree or disagree, choose or not to choose. How dare you assume that African Americans are ignorantly deprived because that which you know chooses to follow where you don't see fit!

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    > Why are blacks still practicing Christianity, a religion forced upon them?

    They're spiritual, and Christianity is a pretty good religion. Great benefits, low cost.

    > Democrats have anything to offer except the payment of lip-service?

    Republicans don't offer anything better.

    > tools like Barack Obama, JC Watts, Condelezza Rice, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Colin Powell

    Hm, of those, I'd classify only Jesse Jackson as a tool. LOL.

    Summary of Jesse Jackson: "The prisons are filled with young black men, to fix this the law should be less harsh on young black men."

    Summary of Bill Cosby: "The prisons are filled with young black men, to fix this young black men should stop being thieving b-st-rds."

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    I would ask you what would you have African Americans do? Maybe all retreat back to Africa as radicals in the 60's once requested? Who do you see as a valid Black representative? I think the Blacks you have mentioned do represent Blacks interests in varying degrees. What basic rights are you talking about? Your question has way too many holes in it to be taken seriously. By the way if you haven't noticed ... in 2006 there are only two types of people, rich and poor. Racism is still a problem, but the discrepancies between rich and poor are far more problematic.

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    no matter what black person rises up to represent our interest they will be seen as tools. Condelezza may be a republican and behind Bush but that's because she knows how to play the game. She knows that in order to get what she needs to has to do this. We all do it. Work, home, school. I feel that all though we may not agree with everything that they are saying. They are doing something about which is more than i can say for others.

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    For the same reason why Europeans, Asians, Africans, and South Americans still practice it, because it was forced upon them and gradually was assimilated into the culture.

    Why do you still practice it, was your family originally Jewish and subsequently converted or was forced to convert? Or are you just a hypocritical white person who believes that you created Christianity in the sanctity of America?

    And there are all kinds of "leaders" in the black community, a great many of whom are not in the public eye. Do you believe that all we have are the names that you listed...those are merely just the ones that have a public face...but I am glad to see that you are preparing to vote for every black candidate that you can in order to give us a greater variety of "leaders."

    Now let me ask you, why is it that tools such as George W. Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, and David Duke taken seriously as representatives of white interests?

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    Broaden your narrow mind and realize that not all blacks, African Americans or whatever America is considering us to be these days are Christians or Democrats or supporters of Obama, Sharpton, Jackson, Rice or Powell. It is not a given that we all support these individuals just based on their skin color.

    Many of us practice thinking outside of the box, just like you do i'm sure.

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    The list of people you mentioned above are not supposed to be representatives of black's interest. They are supposed to represent American interests- - - all Americans.

    It pains you to see blacks deprived of their basic rights?????Just exactly what rights are you talking about ? You have exactly the same rights that I have, and I'm not belly-aching about them.

    If you don't like Christianity, just drop it. If you prefer voo-doo, fine. If you feel that your ancestors got a bad deal by being forced to come to America- - - no problem, just go back to Dafur.

    If you would like to go back, with a guarantee of staying. I'll buy your ticket. Let the belly-achin' begin.

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    just because Christianity was forced upon others does not necessarily make it wrong...just makes the "means" and the oppressors wrong...

    i dont believe that democrats are our in this country is often a choice between the lesser of two evils for minorities...sometimes that evil is republican and sometimes its democrat...also i think that voting "straight party" ballots is just about the dumbest thing that i have ever heard politicians will always be just that...politicians

    we often rely on leadership because of fear...often those who put themselves up as the sacrificial lamb for their beliefs are either brave as hell or very stupid...i have young children and i fear being targeted by hateful ignorant individuals...which is probably why you wont see me revolting, boycotting, striking, or giving heartfelt speeches in public...sad but true

    finally...who is taking these people seriously? besides ignorant people and some whites i mean?

    Source(s): me...a black woman...i dont like the term african american too much thank you very much for your consideration...i think that is both admirable and refreshing...
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    Believe this or not, parts of Africa were some of the first places to embrace Christianity.

    Also, really reading the Bible, it's easy to see that Jesus wouldn't have condoned many things that takes place now or during slavery.

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    Have you been reading Malcolm X? Minister X said the Liberal will turn the black man into a begger and guess what...he begs for jobs, for education, for food, for housing, for everything.

    Jesse and Al are PARASITES. Notice how NO ONE has tried to kill them because they are so USELESS they cannot possibly serve a threat to anyone other than black people.

    Al Sharpton needs to take his perm money and spend it on some afterschool programs and Jesse is too busy making babies to teach young black people how to live.

    I get too sick thinking about black America. YES, you were taken advantage of and NOW you are sitting back and waiting...on who? GET UP OFF YOUR *** AND DO SOMETHING...STOP CRYING!!!!

    Jamaicans ain't cryin, Bahamians ain crying, hell HAITIANS ain crying...why do black Americans ALWAYS cry instead of DO????

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