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Am I depressed and how should i fix it?

Im only 18 years old and I feel like I might be depressed. Im always tired and never want to do things I used to be interested in. Things just dont matter to me anymore.I graduated from highschool last year and was a extreamly social person and always needed my friends to keep me going. I basically went to school for social reasons. Every weekend i would be out and was never home last year and always had something to do. And this year came around and all my friends left and ive just been alone never having anything to do and just working and coming home. Ive just felt so unhappy. Im not sure if it was the change from last year to this year, but i feel like im in a hole and cant seem to get myself out. I just dont feel like myself anymore and need to know how to change it.

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    I would see a councilor if you could... perhaps call a line. If you think you may be depressed, it's a good step in the right direction. And knowing you need help is the next one.

    Sometimes, people need a solid purpose in their life. I would suggest taking up a hobby, a sport, a volunteer job over something you feel passionate about, or even just another part time job to keep yourself social and busy.

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    The first thing you should do is try to look for the things that you changed in, so you can accomplish them by looking for books about healing the mind with depression. The only way you can change is not by going to the psychologist, but by thinking deeply of what you should do about the thoughts which you now have about the things you used to do. Psychologists can help you a little bit, but the one who has a problem in his mind is the one who should solve it because you are the one who has the key to overcome depression which is in your mind.should try to heal it Try to overcome depression by taking responsibility of your health, and by tricking the mind to do the things you used to do. The best thing you can do is to start a fresh beginning by meeting new people.

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    I'm no psychologist but try joining things and getting involved more. Try joining a martial arts class, learn to play the guitar, etc. In other words occupy your time with activities that are engaging and beneficial to you. This will also allow you to meet potential friends.

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