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Lunch Idea's?

I need some more idea's for my school lunches . I'm getting sick or the same old bagel or ham sandwhich and i can't take peanut butter. Any suggestions? Also i kinda want a low fat meal.

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    Lunchbox Dippers


    Carrot sticks



    To make lunchboxes more exciting serve some chopped up vegetables with dips.

    Houmous and salsa are great contrasting flavours - the creamy houmous with the spicy refreshing salsa. Great served with crunchy carrot sticks or other crudities.

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    Salad bar? Turkey? Cheese sandwich? Lean Cuisine meals? Pasta?

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    You could prepare cold pasta salad the night before and bring that in. You could also bring regular salad, so long as you keep the dressing in a seperate container. Fruit salad is yummy and very healthy. Veggies and dip, pizza bun, popcorn (already popped and in a ziplock bag). Lunchables are good but not healthy... Ummm... Leftovers from the night before?

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    What about crackers with cheese? I know they make cheese cuts for crackers too, and they even have them packaged together with the crackers so its a "to go" lunch. Ooooh and that tuna and cracker package- tuna is good- if you like tuna. You could take lunchables! haha.

    Do you like egg salad? You could make a sandwich with that. And if you are tired of sandwiches period....maybe pasta salad?

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    Pasta salad


    Egg salad

    Chicken salad

    dried biscuits

    stir fry and rice

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    Pasta. Salad. Chicken nuggets. Hamburgers or other types of burgers. chicken fingers. Do something creative with your leftovers.

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    What the world needs now is Rum sweet Rum. Thats the only thing theres just too little of.

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    tuna sandwich, egg salad sandwich, or make a salad with grilled chicken from the night before or steak in it. those are great.

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    cottage cheese/peaches

    lettuce salads

    tuna salad

    macaroni salad

    chicken salad

    egg salad

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    Would you ever consider buying a school lunch?

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