Did you pretend to your children that Santa was real?

How did you represent Santa when your children were younger? Did you tell them he was real? How did your children react when they learend he wasnt?

Did you tell them he wasnt? How did you explain it? How do your children react now about Christmas?

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    I could not bring myself to blatantly lie to my little girl and have the gall to teach her to always be honest, that lies are bad.

    I simply told her Santa Clause is just a fictional character people have fun with around Christmas and pointed out Christmas was not about Santa, but is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, the Messiah (Christ).

    Did you know she was fine with that? She was. In fact as a child when my parents tried to sell me on the Santa thing - I never believed it for a minute.., even when my older brother faked some reindeer feet tracks and sled marks in the yard..., I just couldn't buy into it. I didn't understand those tracks in the snow, but I knew it had nothing to do with a bearded guy in a red suit.

    Parents who lie to their children about Santa have no business telling their children, lying is wrong. It catches up to them when the children lie.., its inherited, if you will.

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    Oh my yes. I had my daughter still believing in Santa up to the 7th grade. After that she wouldn't

    accept any of my reasons. I tell her that Santa may not be a real person but he represents the magic

    of Christmas and is loved where ever he goes. She likes that. She still gets excited around Christmas

    because I do. I love this holiday.

  • Nope, even though both my wife and I were brought up to believe in Santa, we did not think it was right to teach our children a lie. And that is what the myth of Santa is, a lie. We taught them the truth of Christmas, that it is a celebration of God's greatest gift to all the world, Jesus Christ. Read Luke chapter 2 sometime during this season and let Him speak to you.

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    Yes I believed in Santa. My mom told me he wasnt real when I was like 9 or 10 I was mad.

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    Of course not! I hate Santa Claus and the whole idea behind it. We don't label certain gifts "from Santa". They have never asked if he was real since we have never portrayed that he was. They also don't ask if Buzz light year is real or Shrek for that matter.

  • My parents told me about Santa and said that I needed to be a good little girl. But, I never noticed that I never got presents from him. Plus, they also told us the true meaning of Christmas. So, I never thought about it when I was little. I guess I figured it out myself.

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    I tell my childrens Santa is genuine. they have in no way puzzled it, subsequently a tactics (they're 2 & 4) and that's probable by way of fact while they ask questions approximately Santa I supply them those absurdly exact descriptions. it particularly is a effective little dream, and there is sufficient harsh realities, that this is form of effective to think of there is a few jolly guy available making toys and attempting to unfold happiness to the infants during the holiday journeys. We genuinely use the "in case you're no longer stable possibility" by way of fact it works, which I would desire to ask your self: is this the reason there's a Santa Claus? To trick childrens into behaving a pair months out of the year? We do the Easter Bunny too - and could do the enamel fairy, as nicely. And we can nevertheless play like this is genuine even while they understand extra useful - which my mothers and fathers did. you realize, we nevertheless had 'Santa' provides and stockings from 'Santa' and we completely knew extra useful besides the fact that it grow to be somewhat of the exciting to 'fake' like it grow to be genuine, or like we've been putting on a tutor so the cats did no longer understand who positioned which could of tuna of their stocking. besides, while my childrens are smart sufficient to outwit even my maximum suitable Santa lies, i'm going to offer in and be user-friendly. I remember doing that as quickly as i grow to be 5 or 6, like only flat out saying to my dad that there grow to be actually no way some guy could make it world huge in one evening etc. i did no longer cry, by way of fact I knew i grow to be superb as quickly as I confronted him. Do i've got self belief undesirable approximately mendacity to them? from time to time. yet then I parent that it would be stunning sufficient while they locate that their Christian preschool - who has taught them approximately God - is in direct conflict with their mothers and fathers, who're atheists. superb now, we additionally enable the God element bypass. i think of this is effective for infants to have self belief in each and each physique of those philanthropic presences. it particularly is a tactics nicer than the fact.

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    Of course, this is a wonderful, joyful part of childhood.

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    didn't have to it's a tradition he is real

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