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how do you care for a belly button pierceing you pierced yourself?

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    wash the area with antibacterial soap at least once a day, and bathe with salt water 3 times a day. However, always remember that before you even touch the piercing, you must wash your hands.

    Common piercing mistakes

    Do not use any fragrances, moisturisers or perfumes on the area. In addition, tight clothes and belts should be avoided throughout the healing process, as they rub against it and cause aggravation.

    Initially a redness will appear around the piercing, probably after a week or so if not immediately. Some crusting and in some cases a clear, milky discharge may also appear. This is all normal; you should only become concerned when the discharge changes colour, if the redness increases or you are in severe pain.

    When washing with the solution and warm salt water, it is important that you remove all the crusting. Also, make sure you dry the area thoroughly - using a tissue is best as towels can transfer bacteria.

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    if you haven't already done it yourself...don't!!!! if it is too late, and it appears infected (redness, swelling, foul odor, hot to touch or greenish drainage) take it out before it makes you sick. if you've already done it and it looks ok, care for it as follows. 1) when in the shower mix povidone-iodine solution with your regular soap and scrub gently with your fingers. (wash rags and sponges harbor bacteria and shouldn't be used on open wounds.) 2) cleanse it with a sterile saline solution such as contact lens solution 3xs daily and anytime it looks like it may need it. the spray kind is good because you can apply directly without contaminating the wound with your hands or a q tip. 3)you can use bactine disinfectant up to 3xs daily also-this is a good product because it contains a numbing agent that helps with pain. 4) avoid bandaids and occlusive petroleum based ointments.

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    You call a doctor and make sure you did it right then ask them how to keep it disinfected...there are websites for this too...good luck (=

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