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What book(s) on Personal Finance would you recommend to a beginner?


More specifically, I'm interested in the technical side of things, what types of interest rates are there, how they are calculated, bonds, stocks, annuities,etc. Rather than behavioral knowledge, I would like to know more about how things really work behind the scenes.

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  • Josi
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    CPA Keith is right.

    Suze Orman is non-biased on her financial information.

    And she really breaks things down for everyone to understand.

    Her older books go into more detail than Young, Rick & Fab. Broke. They are usually on sale at book stores b/c she has newer books out, but they are very informative.

    Good luck!

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    Suze Orman's books are good and she provides the most sound financial advice.

    I personally liked "The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous & Broke"

  • Anonymous
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    I am not sure what books but I have some programs that have helped me alot. They help with people who have good credit or bad. They have should me how to build my credit so that I can afford what I want. They are a little pricey but they have been worth it. These people know what they are talking about. They have a website at I would advise you to check them out.

  • Anonymous
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    In my opinion, the best book to introduce EVERYTHING about financial planning, investing and money is Ric Edelman's "The Truth About Money" Make sure to get one of the newer editions. This book is very readable, and not too dry.

    I reread it every few years.

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  • 4 years ago

    It relies upon on what you elect to commerce. My favorites are recollections of a inventory Operator and if your are attracted to distant places money then examine fowl watching in Lion united states of america. you may get the for unfastened on the information superhighway in case you seem troublesome adequate (it is going to possibly no longer additionally be that troublesome, purely Google them).

  • mldjay
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    DITTO: Can't go wrong with Suze Orman! She used to work for Merrill Lynch, she knows the business.

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