Can you please help me do the maternity leave math?

Okay. I've asked and read questions about maternity leave and have finally decided for sure not to go back to the job I love. I'd love not having to take my baby to child care more, though. Someone said that I will owe if I take my whole leave and then resign and I don't intend on paying my employer, so here is the question:

My 12 week Medical Family Leave began on October 10.

I will inform my boss and employer of my plans to not return on Wednesday, December 6.

My day due back was going to be January 2 -- that's 12 weeks.

I used up my vacation and sick time about 10 days ago so now my leave is unpaid. Help me figure out this math as according to what someone here on answers stated, I will owe them for I think 2 weeks at this point. Sorry if I have confused you along with myself.


Short version: I took Maternity/Family Medical Leave from October 10, 2006 - January 2, 2006. If I'm not returning, how much do I owe? Or will I owe at all?

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    You will not owe them a dime, however, they also will not be liable for your unemployment, should you decide to file a claim. While it may be a good personal reason to quit your job, you will not be out of work through no fault of your own, and they will not be penalized by being required to pay for your benefits, since it was your decision to end your employment.

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    You are on unpaid leave now. You were paid during your leave for accrued vacation and sick time. That money is yours. If you give your notice of resignation, at any time, you will not owe any money to your employer. The Act is to preserve a job for you that you can return to after your 12 weeks are up. I'm baffled as to how anyone can think that you owe money back to your employer.

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    If you are taking unpaid leave, you don't owe your employer anything, unless you are covered by medical insurance through your employer. You may have to pay for that pro-rated from the time you started unpaid leave.

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    You should not owe your employer any money. Just to be safe I would contact your HR rep that handles the FMLA leave and talk with them about the rules.

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