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what knd of fishh too get????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????//?

ok well i want to get a fish for a 1 gallon tank but what knd is the easiest to take care of and breed????


oops i meant 10 gallon sorry

Update 2:

i don't want a beta

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    Don't get a goldfish. In a 10 gallon, you do not have enough room for one goldfish, let alone 2.

    If you want to breed your fish, you could have:

    guppies -

    platys -

    or endlers -

    All of these will breed easily and quickly, and you could put 1 male and 2 females of one kind in your tank, and you could add a few other fish like a school of 6 neon tetras:

    Or ONE male dwarf gourami:

    OR you could put 2 males and 5 females of whatever fish (guppy, endler or platy) that you choose to breed.

    Make sure to put in lots of plants for the babies to hide in.

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    Do you hava a filter, heater, thermometer, and cover? Guppies are the easiest to breed, and are small enough for a 10-gallon tank but why are you breeding anyway? Do you know how to take care of a tank? Do you have a plan as to what will happen to the babies (there could be hundreds at a time)? Do the research and find out what you're really doing before you start breeding living creatures that will die without the proper environment and care.

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    I've found over the years that my favorite fish to keep in that size tank was a shebunkin goldfish. They come in a variety of colors (in that size tank you could keep 2 at the most) and they do better with cooler's possible to keep goldfish in a pond all winter, so a heater isn't necessary.

    They like a variety of food... I alternate flakes, crumbles and freeze dried shrimp. I change 1/4 water (from the bottom) once a week...goldfish tend to be "messy", but with only one or two you shouldn't have too much of a cleaning problem. Best of all, they are really inexpensive. I only paid a couple bucks for mine, and I've had her for almost 4 years. She's quite comical at times, especially lunch time...she's rather intelligent to boot (for a fish, anyway).

    If you like tropical fish, try some tetras, barbs, iridescent sharks, silver dollars....the list goes on. Talk to the person from whom you are buying, and be sure to combine fish that will "agree" with one another (i.e. don't mix phantom tetras with silver dollars...nibble nibble), and as a rule of thumb, it's 1-2 inches of fish per gallon of water.

    If you're looking to breed fish, try guppies or mollies...they both have live births rather than eggs.

    Good luck with your fish!

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    Goldfish is probably the easiest to care for.

    If you have an air source (bubbler) then guppies are good. The term "breed like fish" comes from guppies :)

    Beta's (Siamese Fighting Fish) are good solitary fish, but not good with company, especially other male betas.

    Hope that helps!


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    If you want to breed them, get guppies. You should have fry within the first few months of having them. Good luck!!!

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    Small tetras, African dwarf frogs, shrimps, snails (if you are not planning having live plants), and barbs. Just keep the sizes small as well as the quantity.

  • 4 years ago

    whats up! I save a number of my bettas in bowls too yet they are super bowls..You did no longer point out the dimensions of the bowl so i'm going to anticipate it relatively is as stable because of the fact the single I even have. Decorations are effective yet save them to a minimum to flow away adequate space to your fish. it fairly is how I save my betta bowl sparkling: a million.) I basically use pebbles because of the fact they are much less confusing to bathe than any style of substrate. Sand is okay in case you have a extensive tank with a clear out. 2.) I placed a stay plant interior the bowl yet basically a small one to grant adequate space for my betta to swim and flare. stay plant life act as organic filters so it relatively is stable to get one. 3.) For bowls smaller than 2 gallons, i choose to advise you sparkling it as quickly as each week. I sparkling my bowl each Sunday, yet two times a week, I do away with a minimum of 20% of the water and replace it with a sparkling one. 4.) while it relatively is cleansing time, do away with your betta making use of a plastic cup the place you may actual swoop him with. do no longer use a internet because of the fact it may harm his fins. 5.) next, I do away with the stay plant and place it in a separate field. 6.) I do away with the pebbles and sparkling them besides. do no longer use cleansing soap. purely use sparkling working water. the comparable is authentic while cleansing the bowl. Use your palms to wipe the ingredient of the bowl and rinse it with working water. 7.) while each thing's waiting, I place the pebbles lower back, the stay plant, and upload some drops of water conditioner. I acclimate my betta with the aid of letting the cup drift interior the water for a minimum of quarter-hour. Then I gently launch him into the bowl. it relatively is it. stable luck!

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    Guppies are small nice and easy to breed, platties would be a good choice too

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    well as far the easiest to take care of i would say a beta you don't need a filter just change the water weekly and feed it daily and your good

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Only fish that are really suitable for a 1g, are Bettas and maybe Mollies & Guppies.

    Neons are small enough for that size aquarium, as well.

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