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Need an idea for a present for a 10yr old boy using Star Wars fabric.?

My bf's son is about 10 yrs old and looooves star wars. For his bday I made him a pillow using fantastic star wars fabric. I have now found some more fabric (different design) and want to use this to make him a christmas present. However, I have no idea what to make! Making clothes would be a bit tricky since i have no idea of his sizes (doesnt live near us so cant find out really), so I was hoping someone else would have an idea? I have about 1 yard of fabric available. Thanx for your help!

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    One yard of fabric isn't a lot to work with but would be enough to cover a photo album/scrapbook that you could start for him by finding some Star Wars trading cards or other paper memorabilia. If the fabric is fleece, one yard would be just about enough to make a winter cap and possibly a scarf.

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    If you get a little bit of coordinating fabric and some fleece, you can make a nice little "quilllow" quilt/pillow for him. But you need a little more than a yard of fabric, so if you get some coordinating fabric, you can add a about a 6 inch border all the way around it so the theme fabric stands out in the middle. If you do that, you'll have a square that is about 48" (if you cut the center panel to 36" by 36") or maybe a rectangle that is 52" by 48" (if you use your one yard as it is since the width is probably about 40").

    Place that fabric right side down on a piece of fleece cut the same size. Stitch all the way around but leave about 10" opening at the center bottom. Now just turn it right side out like a giant pillow.

    You may want to take a few tacking stitches along the body of the quilt to keep the fleece and the backing together. Stitch the opening along the edge closed.

    Now, using a little more of your coordinating fabric (or maybe a cool Star Wars panel), cut a square about 18" by 18". Hem it so it finishes to about 16". Hemmed side down, place the square along the edge where you did the slipstitch, centered along the bottom side of the quilt. Stitch down three sides - the bottom along the edge, and the two sides - leaving the inner edge of the hemmed pocket open. Construction is complete!

    To fold the quilt into a pillow, place the pocket side down and fold the quilt into thirds along the way the pocket is facing. Flip it over, and fold into thirds starting at the end oppisite the pocket. For the last third, slip the other 2/3 of the folded quilt into the pocket and your quillow is done, ready for giving!

    Here is a website with some pictures on how to fold it. That will give you a visual on how to place the pocket.

    Some sites have a little poem you can include:

    Use me as a pillow

    Unless you get cold

    Then pull out my stuffing

    And gently unfold

    I'm a lap quilt now

    With space for your feet

    And when you're all done

    Fold me back nice and neat

    ~ Shelly Michel (c) 1989

    Good luck!

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    Make a pillowcase. Even boys use those, I've heard. A yard should do it. Or, make a set of several little drawstring bags in different sizes. Line them with various fabrics if you like. Kids always have stuff to put into bags. Depending on the size of the previous pillow you made him, a big 36"x36" throw pillow for the floor in front of the TV might also be a good idea. Put the fun fabric on top and something plain on the bottom. Of course, you could make a bedspread or throw by cutting up your yard of fabric into squares and sewing them together with other squares of a coordinating fabric. Email me with specific questions, if you like.

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    It might be tough with only one yard of fabric. How about sewing some plain microfleece to the other side of it and do some yarn knots instead of quilting it and he'll have a cozy throw

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    how about a bedspread if u have enough or a pair of curtains for his window. just sew a hem at the top and bottom after u measure the windows and then buy a tension rod to put them on. good luck and happy bday to ur son

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    I took apparel this year at school and I made pajama pants- which sounds crazy but it is actually pretty easy- all you need is a pattern and they turn out pretty cute and you could just get a general size like small.

    Also, maybe you could make him a cape- that would be pretty easy, plus kids always like capes.

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    Perhaps a bag to put his pencils, toiletries or toys. You could also cover a photo frame, or make a xmas stocking.

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    Maybe you could cover a pair of slippers.

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    make him a jedi robe or something like that

    or bed covers, sleeping bags, pillow covers, blankets, bandanas, you name it

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    sleeping bag - I had one & it was great...

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