whats the besy way to do this girls?

whats the best way to cover up pimples i know makeup but how ..... i have a formal comming up

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    ok hunny u need to use a concealer 1st then a liquid foundation then some poweder to set it

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    Gosh, I don't know about covering them up, but how about just trying to get rid of them. Make a doctor appointment. Get on a antibiotic this will help your face clear up fast for the upcoming formal. Then get into a dermatologist for a long term solution. My daughter has been using that proactive with good results. I don't know if it works for someone with severe acne or not though. I used to use a product called Sal-Ac. It is a facial scrub that you get from the pharmacy. It is not a prescription, however you will probably have to ask the pharmacist to order it for you. It really works. It is recommended by dermatolgist. I wish you luck, and have fun at your formal.

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    I had the same problem, for years. It really pissed me off that I should have been more popular, except for the pimples. I am smart and funny, but they just ate away at my self-esteem. I was determined to get rid of them by hook or by crook.

    I tried a whole bunch of things like proactive and others but nothing seemed to work. I tried a few different books and ebooks and nothing helped. Then, I read an awesome e-book that will teach you all the home remedies that you will need to get rid of acne permanently. At first I thought it was too expensive, but then I realized that I pay this much like every month for pimple medicine and washes, and this was a one time thing. Best decision I ever made! They explained exactly what was causing the pimples and how I could stop them and get rid of them. My doctor told me that he knew ome of this stuff, but doctors never like to tell you natural stuff. they only like to tell you about medicines. Not only did it help me stop getting pimples, it also helped clear up my onld pimple scars, which were really pissing me off!

    You can learn about the book at this link http://bambiberg.solution72.hop.clickbank.net/

    I tried some books from my dermatologist, but they didn't help me, plus I kept on forgetting to return them to the library. The best thing about the ebook is that i downloaded it right away, and i had the copy forever.

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    OK this is what you do go to like a shoppers drug mart or some kind of pharmacy try to find green concealer green covers up the redness, also get the purple concealer what that dose is covers any scars that you have and the yellow concealer covers any dark spots. When you finish all that get a normal skin colored concealer and go over all the spots then apply your foundation and you should look flawless!

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    I have a problem with acne too. I have tried a lot of things and what I think works the best is a green concealer and then your foundation. The green reduces the redness of the pimples so they don't stand out. Neutrogena has a good green concealer that is oil free. I use physicians formula green concealer which is not oil free but does not make me break out.

    The less make up the better. Otherwise it tends to make your acne stand out more.

    Good luck. =)

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    try this everyday when you wake up wash your face with clearasill face wash, then use toner, then use moisturizer. Do that every morning. If you take a shower in the middle of the day make sure that you use moisturizer afterwards. Then before you go to bed wash face dont use toner, only once a day, and moisturize. I reccomend the brand x of oil of olay it works great! and sea breeze toner. This will keep it low cost. Then just use a small amount of foundation on blemishes when it comes to the formal, only were you need it and make sure that it is your color of you skin. OH and research has shown that tanning beds and sunbathing can cause more acne so please dont try that it wont work.

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    ok for taking care of acne, i think a great home remedy is Honey. so u can either put a glob of honey directly on the blemishes, or at night after u cleanse and moisturize, cover ur whole face w/ thin layer of honey and sleep on ur back, put a towel on the pillow. it can get sticky so try not to move..honey is a natural anti-bacterial...also helps w/ texture and tone of the skin.

    as for cover up, here's what i do: on a clean, moisturized face, first apply Primer. then put concealer on trouble spots. then take a moist sponge and apply liquid Foundation, pressing in and all over the face. or u can use a foundation brush. after u apply ur blush, then dust some Pressed/Loose powder on with a fat powder brush, buffing it all smooth in circular motion.

    good luck! remember, the drier the face, the more the acne stands out. u gotta moisturize before u put the makeup on!

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    Use a concealer. To find the right shade for you go to a department store make up counter like MAC or Prescriptives, and they'll work with you to find the right shade for you.

    The key thing in covering up a pimple is to not make it obvious. Like don't cake on the make up. You might be hesitant to put moisturizer on the pimple thinking it will make it worse, but you've got to put some on it, otherwise it will make the concealer look dry and caked on, thus making it much more noticeable.

    Good luck! =)

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    well first do this it does wonders for pimples, i rub my face with half a tomatoe, and let my face steam with the pulp on my face, then after 10 minutes i wash my face clean excess stuff off with rose water then i feel my face is so fresh i put benzoyl peroxide on the pimples and it works!! then if u still have light bumps, first moistureize, take the foundation, then apply alot of concealer on top the yellow tone kind and dab it slowly, then powder up and it should cover it up! good luck

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    Before you put any make up on, wash your face. Therefore you have a nice clean slate. Then find some cover up at any drugstore. Covergirl has really good cover up. Just dab it on to the problem areas, and blend it with your finger. Then you can put on your foundation after that.

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    Going to the tanning bed usually drys mine out. I would try that and to use some type of cleanser daily then moisturizer up until the formal.

    If you use a lot of consealer it tends to make the pimples stand out even more.

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