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please answer?

if you email someone from overseas lets say paris, is there a chance that a server in the u.s might get it or the server in oversea is the one being use

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    Your email may go through many servers as it goes from the sender to the receiver. These servers could be anywhere in the world.

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    Say you were using Yahoo, the e-mail would go first to the Yahoo server in the US where your e-mail acoount is located. It would be logged, copied, and then forwarded to a Yahoo server in Paris. It might pass through others serviers along the way. If might have to go throught two or three US servers before getting to whatever one as a link across the Atlantic. It will arrive somewhere in Europe where it will be redirected to "Paris". In the end, it will be left setting on whatever server your friends mail account resides on.

    If the authories where to trace the e-mail, they would be able to find a copy from when it went into your e-mail account, they would be able to track all other servers it passed through on its way to Paris (but probably not be able to get a copy of the message from them). Finally they could recover a copy of the message from the server where it finished its journey in Paris.

    So there will be a copy of the E-mail in the US under your account (part of your sent mail) and a copy on the server in Paris as part of your friends "inbox".

    Hope that answer the question you were asking...

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