i know i asked this alot just curious?

recently i have went from having 4 day periods to 1 or 2 day in september my period was from the 22-24th, in october is was the 24th and in novermber i was the 24-26th all of them have been really light. i took and HPT on the 26th of november just to be sure. since then i have been getting cramps, light backaches, last night i felt like i was going to pass out, i am always tired, and sometimes i feel like i am gonna puke. I am 24 yrs old, i'm not under a lot of stress, not change in diet, not weight gain/loss, i do have unprotected sex because my boyfriend and i are ttc.....i need some serious answers on this because it is scaring the hell out of me.

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    I am not a Dr. so I am not sure what could be going on with you. You really should see a Dr. The short periods and the amount of blood lost may or may not be serious warning signs. Given your age they shouldn't be the way you are describing unless this is normal for you-meaning the way your periods have been all your life. You should get checked, fibroid cysts could be the problem. It is also not good to have unprotected sex, even if you think your partner is being monogamous.

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    I agree with some of the other answers, you need to see professional medical advice from your physician. There are several reasons that this could be happening to you. One can be stress. But there are an array of medical conditions that have the symptoms. Medical conditions that only a physician can diagnosis and treat. Conditions like pelvic cancer, ovarian cysts, STDs, and others. Please seek medical help.

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    Somethins not right go to the DOCTOR

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    go to the DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!! The are NO doctors here on YAHOO - NOW GO TO THE DOCTOR BEFORE YOU BOO-HOO!!!

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