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Tests are this week. I'm having a panic attack...?

What can I do to de-stress? I'm seriously feeling panic even though I have studied.

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    Dont worry girl and there is no need to panic cause you are going to pass. To pray is good before starting your exams. All The Best Dear. Good Night

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    If you have a hot tub near by go have a good long soak, build up your confidence because you have prepared the best way you know how. That is by training, now relax get some good nutrition some good proper rest and maybe some relaxation like a massage, try a school because they are cheap, like around $20 for almost a 45 minute session and if you don't mind wearing a towel this is relaxation central. During the test your studying (training) will kick in and you will do fine, everybody has been through this before. Chill

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    You are not alone; test always do that and they will continue doing that as time goes by.

    Hold your head high and put your best foot forward that's all you need to ask of yourself.

    You're only as smart as God made you.

    Realize that the test are a thing that you have to go through and no matter what, yes even if you keel dead God forbid to the floor they will always be there.

    Realize that they will come and it will all be over just as soon as it came.

    Just remember that as long as some air is going in and out of your nose you are still breathing.

    I guess the thing to do is when a person feels a panic attack is to envision something that calms them. I get them every once in a while and that is what helps me.

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    Try not to focus on how your feeling. Think about the material for the test. When you take the test, focus on the things you know how to do first instead of thinking about the stuff you can't remember at first. That will help you remember as you work how to do the rest of it. You can remember a lot if you keep trying. No matter how bad it gets, don't quit.

    Take break. Get sleep before the test. Sleep sometimes is better than studying more.

    PRAY A LOT. And trust God to help you.

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  • Anxiety is the #1 cause of failure on tests so it would be nice if you would relax but of course that is easier said than done. Everyone has something that relaxes them and for me it is driving so when I am stressed I fill the tank up and drive until I feel better or I run out of gas. For some people it is listening to music, for others soaking in a tube, but most everyone has something they are able to identify. Remember that caffeine makes anxiety worse and good luck.

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    panic attacks every one but you can defeat it by eating healthy and make sure you get enough sleep avoid quite places make sure your favourite music is on

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    Take deep breaths. That will help.

    Now- I have trouble with stress too. But if you have a favorite 'fight song', that should help rev you up.

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    do breathing excerises in , out ., hold several times ,laying on the floor relaxing breathing in and out helps too good luck

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