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Why do you Like India or if you hate India why is that so. Wanted to know about foriegners view?


It is Ok to give your true view on India let it be honest one.

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    I like India for it"s ancient Quality as in for the ancient art like Yoga, ancient language like Tamil and it"s ancient way of life like Hinduism.

    What i hate abt India is the Indians who are prostituting their identity and licking the feet of the westtern world forgetting their quality asserts

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    I was born in England, and now live in Canada. However, my ancestry is Indian. I have never been to India, yet I have always been proud to call myself Indian. In fact, I am very fortunate to be a part of three nations! But of those three, it is India I know least about. I have been raised with the Indian culture, but I do not have great knowledge of the country, except what I see in the media. I do try to learn a bit more via the internet. I love the art and the architecture. I also like the incredible ancient history of the place. I am not too keen on the food!!

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    The only thought I can give you is that India is either mysticized or demonized in the average North American mind based on the movies we have seen and the books we have read. Either our minds picture India as Mother Theresa's Calcutta or as the most divine spiritually enlightened place on earth. For anyone who has never been to love or hate India is absurd...though mind you, we can love or hate the mind's idea of India.

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    I don't have strong feelings regarding India one way or another, except that the food is too spicy for me to eat.

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    i like INDIA for it"s knowledge and hate it for it"s stupidity to loose everything to the western world

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    I think the artwork is beautiful, and the architecture is lovely.

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