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DENISE asked in Social SciencePsychology · 1 decade ago

have you ever hard of this?

I was told that if ii tape my books of study and play it over and over it will help me make the better grades and remember what i have studied.

what do you think about this?

please give me good feed back.

thanks all of you.

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    Yes this helps, there are super learning techniques you could try as well. Sit at a 45 degree angle with your back facing north. this affects the iron in your blood aligning with the earth's magnetics.Listen to Mozart and any of the baroque music classical artist's. there is "Mozart Effect" Cd's specifically designed for healing, sleeping, learning etc. Stop using microwaves; processed foods affect the brain in a negative way (mood swings and hormonal imbalance as well) . I work with a quantum mechanics called Geo-Tran. A method of "turning on " your brain is to place the fingers and thumb of the right hand together into a cone shape then tap the navel twice gently as you count 10 - 15 then down stroke over the left shoulder to the arm pit. repeat frequently. You can muscle test to see the difference of before and after. I suggest that you go through the alphabet and all the numbers from 0-1 and does this at least once with each number and letter. To "seal" the whole deal have a verbal and heart felt sense of gratitude.

    There are a number of super learning tech. out there. work on you conscious breathing too. To hold your breath to a count of 7 then release the more the vessels in the brain expand then more blood comes feeding the brain therefore allowing more oxygen >>> greater learning capacity. will have many sight s on the conscious breathing. A quick example breath in for 7 sec. , hold for seven sec. relaese for 7 sec. , pause for 7 sec. then start again do at least 7 times. Use your kegal (males and females are capable of this excercise) excercises to stimulate the diaphramic breathing.

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    There is a school of thought that says if you hear things it works on a subliminal part of your brain that doesn't usually work when you are learning something by writing it.

    Many actors learn their lines in the way you suggest.

    I certainly think it would help you get better grades. But it would take a huge amount of time to get everything onto tape, and there may be a quicker method to help you study.

    Have you heard of mind mapping? It is a creative way of helping you to learn, and I have found it really helps me remember things, and I got better grades in my exams when I studied this way.

    Source(s): try to google mind mapping, and loads of stuff will come up, ignore the stuff about business solutions. also look here for other people who have asked about mind mapping, there are some good answers
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    I don't believe that you are really learning by replaying something several times. You are just memorizing something.

    What you need to do is to spend your time more judiciously by focusing on the concepts rather than the facts.

    If you can discover and retain the concepts behind the material you are trying to learn, you will retain the information much longer and will be more prepared to answer a general question about a particular subject rather than a specific question which you can temporarily answer but will forget in a few weeks.

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    Sure worked for me when I was in nurses training. I took notes plus taped the lectures. When I got home I would rewrite the notes from the type recorder. It was like hearing the lecture twice. I graduated with 4.00 so think it worked for me. Try it and good luck.

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    It may work for you and it may not. Each person learns differently. Some people do better if they write something over and over, others do better if they hear it over and over, some do better to read something over and over and some people can remember things the first time they read something. Find what works best for you.

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    It's been said they make a difference if you listen to them while you're sleeping because that information gets straight into your brain through unconsciousness. I'm selling it to you as I've heard it. Is this the feed back you're looking for?

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    Couldn`t hurt...You may retain the info. better,I know I hate to read. So I think it would be worth a try...

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    to "tape" them, you have to read them. I think that would be sufficient.

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    i guesss it will work

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