How do people like me deal with life threatening allergies?

My body seems like having an allergy attack is a daily thing now. I've gotten so used to having hives daily it's like if I forget to take my allergy meds then I will break out in the middle of the night. Last summer I would break out in hives everyday around 4pm not matter where I was or what I was doing. If it's now hives my face, around my eyes, my lips, tongue, or throat will swell or fequent headaches. How do people deal with the same problems daily? HELP ME!! This doesn't run in my family. I have it and now I've past it on to my daughter who hasn't had them as severe as I yet. Can anyone dealing with the same problem give me any answers. The only stress that I have in my life is these allergies. I eat healthy and I used to exercise on my eliptical daily but now that I'm on allergy meds daily I just don't have the energy anymore.

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    That doesn't sound pleasant at all!

    I don't have allergies, but I do have to watch my husband and various other family members for health problems. So I can offer hints from that angle.

    Remember to take your medicines: They can't help you in that bottle.

    If the medicines don't work, tell your doctor so you can find something that does.

    If at all possible, get whatever you're allergic to out of your environment.

    Since you have had this problem for a while, you probably have a supply of epi-pens in case of a crisis. Keep one available at all times.

    Good luck.

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    I assume you are seeing an allergist and not just a general practitioner. If not, you might want to ask for a referral. There's one thing you can try to reduce your allergic responses, but it only works for environmental allergies. Get some honey from a local bee farmer. It has to be local or it won't be any good. Put some honey on a piece of bread and eat it. Because the honey was made by local bees, it works in much the same way as a flu vaccine. All of the local allergens are in the pollen collected by the bees, but it is in such low doses that your body is able to learn from it to deal with the environmental allergens.

    Now, about those allergy medications. I know that you need to take them, but lack of exercise is doing you a lot of harm too. You need to get exercise daily to help boost your immune system. If the medications you are taking now are making you too drowsy ask your doctor for a different medication. I've heard that Claritin is non-drowsey. Exercise is more important for your health than for most people. The last thing you need is a poor immune system.

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    I AM W/YOU!! I am sick from allergies everyday! i am going to try allergy shots, haven't yet b/c i'm not sure i believe in them. the only things you CAN do is take preventative measures. No carpet in the house. put dust covers on all pillow, matterses etc. it sucks but you are not alone!! people should be able to go on disability for allergies. it makes one absolutly disfuntional

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