wavy hair?

I have wavy hair and I take showers in the morning and need to figure out a way to style it without letting it get super frizzy. If I scrunch it and let it dry on its own it just frizzes up and only gets curls in the front around my face. I have been styling it straight for the past 5 years or so and im just sick of it. I have tried gel which is just too heavy and yucky, and hair spray which doesn't do much of anything. Should i use mousse? Is it better to blow dry or air dry?


I have tried using frizzy product also but they just tend to weigh my hair down and make it greasy so there are no waves but its not straight either. then i would just have to end up straighting it anyways.

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    I have soft wavy hair and when I let it air dry I use Paul Mitchell Moisture Mist. This product is not heavy at all, but it does the job. It is best applied to damp/towel blotted hair. Use as much as you want, like I said it is not heavy and does not produce build-up. I would suggest giving your hair a break from heat, only because you have been straightening it for so long. Everyday heat application causes a lot of damage. If you want to dry your hair with a diffuser then I would suggest the moisture mist and some kind of a sea salt spray product. The extra product helps to protect your hair from the heat. If your hair is more course, then I would suggest using a thicker leave in conditioner like ABBA leave in. This too is a lot lighter than using a gel and works as a protectant. One more suggestion, do not wash your hair everyday. It will take a while to get used to, but you will find your hair in better shape and not so dry. Wavy/curly hair has a natural tendency to be a little dry. Shampooing every 2 or 3 days will help with the frizzyness in that your natural oils will be able to coat you hair and relax it. Good luck, and just start testing out products until you find the right ones, then stock up!

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    blow dry makes ur hair poofier.. but smoother in some sense. so what u can do is either air dry OR blow dry, but after it's mostly dry, twist it up into a tight bun at the nape of the neck and secure w/ a rubber band. later in the day when u unwrap it, ur hair will be much less poofy, and have some curls/waves. good luck.

    also what i do when i don't have much time is blow dry the TOP of my hair... then flatten w/ straightener, but keep the rest of the hair slightly wavy

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    I use mousse and Garnier Fructis Curl and Shine leave-in conditoner on wet hair and diffuse until mostly dry. I use a little GF soft curl cream when it's dry if I need to tame any frizz.

    Source(s): www.naturallycurly.com
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    If your hair is not too thick, you can try this: when it is damp, part your hair in two sections and twist each one backwards into a swirl. Make sure it stays in one swirl on each side until fully dry. Then you can separate the curls and it will look like you used a curler

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    well fresh out of the shower. i dont brush my hair, i apply anti frizz treatment all over and then i clip up the top half and mousse the bottom (the underneath) thoroughly. then i let the top half downa nd apply mousse to that part. and scrunch Scrunch SCRUNCH!!! then apply more anti frizz treatment to the top of your hair and you should be good to go... luck!!

    ps air dry it and do not brush!!!

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    There are a lot of anti frizz products out there. That should help maintain the frizz.

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    my best advice go to the hair salon tell them what your problem about your hair maybe you need to to bunding. go to the proffesional hair salon okay about frizzy hair or wavy.

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    Yeah, depends on what type of mousse.

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    your wavy hair is beautiful, nothing wrong with that, you should love what you have, be happy, don't try too much make you feel too stressful, be happy

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