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What r the death rates for heroin users?

It's for hw. i can use anything, web pages or if u know off the top of ur head. i can also use it for other drugs.

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    87.9% of them die as a result of using the drug. All deaths aren't from overdose. Some include homicide, suicide, disease, and accidents such as walking in the road, jumping off buildings, swimming to the bottom of the ocean, tobacco poisoning, rat bites, and mating with spiders.

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    PubMed: National Library of Medicine:

    Fatal to Non-Fatal Heroin Overdoses (Blackwell Synergy)

    Actual study for Mutnomah, Oregon 1993 to 1999 (having cited studies for small area impact also helps support a paper's thesis), by Medscape Today:

    I Googled these four words: death rates heroin users

    And got a LOT of hits. For drugs in general, you should Google: DEATH RATE DRUG USE.

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    Most heroin users I knew or counseled died at thirty-thirty five years old.

    Source(s): MS in Psychology
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    Sorry to be so cold about the answer but I'd say that it's not high enough.

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    i dont know but i bet its real high

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