When did vans start being made?

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    In France, Citroën made them as early as 1947:


    Volkswagen Type 2 (aka "the Minibus") was introduced in 1950:


    In the U.S., compact vans appeared in 1960s, as U.S. auto makers attempted to create a product to compete with VW Minibus. Early compact vans include Chevy Van, Dodge A100 and first-generation Ford E-Series:




    The modern full-size American van, with engine under a short hood, also began in Europe; the first model to feature this design was 1965 Ford Transit produced by Ford in Britain:


    By 1968, Ford redesigned its U.S.-made E-Series along similar lines. Chrysler followed with Dodge B-series in 1971, GM, with Vandura in 1970...

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    The van has been around almost as long as the automobile. The first were panel trucks and they appeared in the early 1900's. Volkswagen designed the combi van in 1953 and it arrived in the US in 1958. By the late 1950's the Ford Falcon Econoline van and the Dodge Tradesman vans were designed and hit the market as 1960 models. Chrysler designed the first front wheel drive mini van in the early 1980's and it came on the market as a 1984 model. So it depends on your definition of a van. If you mean a box like vehicle, then VW wins with the Combi.

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    michael ?

    1984 ??? wth ?

    what are you smoking ?

    put it down...

    vans have been around of decades and decades,

    traditional style vans IE the E(ford) and G(GMC and chevy) that you see all the time every day have been around since the early 60s yes

    dodge vans were called dodge ram vans

    toyota made vans kind of early on too, earlier than the minivans came out anyways

    the volkswagens have been out for a really long time since at lest the earyl 60s

    call the vanagon, also are rampsids that are a van chasis but not a van body except in the very front

    good luck

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    Ford model T's in the 1920's had an optional box bed. The first traditional van I remember was in the early 60's.

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    first ones were use in the wars way back when, they go further than that, when did we start calling them actual vans ,well thats a good question

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    earley 30 th that were i was made,in the back of a van

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    In 1931 they were put into mass production by Ford Motor Co.

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