I may be pregnant. I need real answers plz.?

Okay. I have taken three tests. The ann said negitive. But the last one i took, it took about 5 minutes to show results and the others took like 2. My last period was on October second. I have missed two periods. The only things that have changer are that; my brests are getting bigger, aroung the nipple it is getting darker. And I have had some weird stomach pains. And about two days ago i bleed a little bit and then it stopped. And there hasen't been any more since. I need some opinion and real answers please. And if you need to ask me a question, ask and i will respond back here. So you can see what i said.


I do not have a mother. She dies when i was 13.

Update 2:

I am 18 and my boyfriend is 23.

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    Visit your doctor and get a professional medical pregnancy test.

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    If you have followed the instructions of the home pregnancy test correctly the results you have are probably correct. Sometimes nerves and fear can cause you not to start a period or even sometimes continue a menstrual period. If you further have contact please use something as a precaution. If you really would like to feel assured of the results contact your physician and through an exam or urine test he can reassure you of the results. I do not know how old you are, but an unwanted pregnancy can be a life long mistake not just for you but for a child brought into this world that was not anticipated. I am sure this is not what you wanted to hear but pregnancy preventions is worth a great deal in regard to your life and to the people who love you.

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    Different women get different symptoms when pregnant so it is really hard to tell just by what you say here. Over the counter pregnancy tests are not always reliable. Your best bet is to go to the clinic and have them test you (blood test is the most reliable). If it isn't pregnancy, it's a good idea to go to the doctor anyway to see what's going on (any abnormal periods, symptoms should be reported to your doctor).

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    After 3 negative tests and still no period, go see a doctor. You may not be pregnant but something is going on for you not to have a period for so long.

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    Ok well i would say go to the doctor and have them do a blood test. IF you are not having a period and that is not normal for you there could be something wrong. Go to the doctor and have them tell you if you are pregnant or not. good luck

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    I'd recommend going to your doctor and letting him/her know what you've learned on your own. The fact that you've missed two periods and have a change in your breast size (especially if they are getting very sensitive, too) leads me to believe you could be pregnant. A doctor would be your best bet right now, though. In the meantime, treat yourself as if you are pregnant and take your vitamins. good luck!

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    sounds like my first pregnancy. get to a clinic or doc. now the doc can give you a blood test that is 100% no drugs, booze or smoking until you know for sure. hope you are happy about this if not dint forget adoption is always an option. God bless.

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    Go to your doctor or one of those clinics (Planned Parenthood) for a pregnancy test. That is the only sure way to tell you are pregnant at this stage.

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    Go to the Dr. and get a blood test sometimes home tests arn't as sensitive althought if you've missed to it should show up on a home test..but go to the dr.

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