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Help! I can't sing?

I usually have a great singing voice- i can immitate shakira, beyonce and other great artists. I have a really high singing range and sing opera. This is a God-givin tallent that I have never had lesson for. Last year I had viral tonsilitus and this year I've had strep and I'm home sick again today. Every time I try to sing high notes I cough up this stuff, its not mucus, its large chuncks of dead tissue and it gags me. Is there anything I can do to help it go away so when I get better my voice will not be damaged?


the doctor says its normal after getting over strep.

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    If the doctor says it's normal it probably is. I suggest seeing a vocal coach (who may reccommend a doctor who specializes in singers) to get back into your range. Other than that you may not want to be hitting high notes for a while whiel you recover.

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    Don't sing, don't talk. Drink lots of fluids and go see a doctor. Just let your voice rest until you are feeling well again (it may take a week or two). You don't want to hurt yourself.

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    Have you seen the doctor about this? The biggest mistake you can make is to try and sing before your throat has fully healed.

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    Maybe go to a vocal coach. They can probably teach you singing techiniques that will help that stop happening.

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    you might want to go see a doctor. that may be why you are getting may have an infection in your throat

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    Just don't try out for American Idol. oh, and see a doctor.

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