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a family member was rushed to the hospital..he's in his 30's..what should i bring him?

he will be maybe magazines or something?

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    Magazines are great.

    If he can eat without restrictions: good food. Even good hospital stuff isn't very good, and it's awkward to toddle off to the cafeteria in your pajamas.

    A little notebook; perhaps some small amount of stationery, and a nice pen.

    Something decorative. That need not be flowers, but they're always a good idea.

    Comfortable pajamas. The gowns are lousy. If he's being too regularly prodded and poked at and has to stay in a gown, then: a robe.

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    If he's gonna be there for awhile, anything to help him pass the time would be helpful. Magazines are always nice. A lot of hospitals also have dvd players in their rooms, so movies would be good if he's lucky enough to have one there. If not, you can likely bring one from his or your house for him to use.

    Also, if he's not on any dietary restrictions, food is a great thing to bring. Hospital food is universallly sucky, so anything he likes would be good to bring him.

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    Maxim Magazine will cheer ANY guy bring a few issues of that. Also, bring some cards and play poker with him....but don't play for money...that would just be rude if you took all of his money when he's already going through hard times! lol...

    Guys don't like to admit it...but they like recieving flowers. It's the thought that counts!

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    Books, magazines or puzzles -if he likes them and is allowed to solve them, like sudoku or something- are nice.

    Also, again if it's allowed, you could take a nice arrangement of flowers because it is relaxing for a patient staying in a dull room to see some color.

    Or you could just stop by his house, pick up his cdplayer and favorite cds, or mp3player ,whatever he has. He'd appreciate that.

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    Magazines, an ipod, maybe something to pick on if he's not on a restricted diet, and definitely bottled water.

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    Magazines are always nice, or crossword puzzle book, or activate his television for him. If you know what he likes to read bring him a book. Nothing is better than bringing yourself.

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    Yes,,reading material,,maybe some sweat pants & socks & underwear.Maybe food if he is able to eat,,like a sub sandwich.It helps alot to have the tv turned on in his room.I hope he is alright & gets better soon.Take care.

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    You should bring a get well card and maybe some magizens that he likes reading or some dirty magizens lol. Just being there will lighten his spirits.

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    something thoughtful or funny that will cheer him up. I suggest flowers and food cuz hospital food sucks

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    Something to read, puzzles perhaps slippers if someone hasn't remembered.

    His/her MP3 player/headphones.

    His/her cell phone.

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