Why did Christianity 'borrow' so many of its tenets and stories from other religions?


hillbilly: Noah and Gilgamesh

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    All religion borrows from other religions. As followers convert they bring the ideas of their previous religions with them. For instance the when the early Christians converted it was easier to celebrate Xmas during the festival of Saturnalia.Easter is a fertility holiday the early priests made into a Christian holiday using similar symbols. It was easier than the new converts running off to practice the rights with their pagan friends.

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    True Christianity didn't.

    It was only the corrupted form of apostate Christianity that gained a foot hold after the deaths of the apostles that did so.

    It was foretold in the Bible this would happen. - Acts 20:21; 1-Timothy 4:1; 2 Thessalonians 2:3-12.

    ADDITIONAL: I am not Hillbilly but I will say this: First the teaching about Noah, although accepted as the truth that it is by Christians, is not a part of Christian originally. It is from the religion of Israel, Judaism, but was reiterated by Christ, Peter, etc. Thus became a part of our beliefs. Its origins are NOT pagan.

    The Noachin flood occurred long before the epic of Gilgamesh, which was based loosely on the flood account.

    People think otherwise because of the written forms of these two accounts, Gilgamesh is older.

    The problem is that the true flood account was preserved orally before being written doen by Moses many centuries after it occurred. It just so happens that the Gilgamesh Epic inaccurately recorded the same event in written form earlier.

    In this case the Pagan account was borrowed and corrupted based on a factual oral historical account.

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    Such as????

    If things like the flood of Noah happened, then it would be mentioned by many religions around the world. Which it is. You should expect to see many of Judeo/Christian faith repeated in other religions.

    What about things like both Jesus and Mithra being virgin born? Not a single manuscript exist today that says Mithra was virgin born that does not date fro 500 or more years AFTER the time of Christ. The manuscripts from before say that he was found under a rock.

    Jesus and Odin: Odin was nailed to the World Tree to redeem the earth, the same as Jesus was nailed to a cross. Of course the Norsemen who invented the stories of Odin did not have a written language until 1000AD. The earliest written records of their storied date from 1200AD. So it is possbile that they may have "borrowed" from the truth of Christ that had been around for 1200 years, rather then Christ borrowed from them? The Norsemen did not even become a tribe or have a culture until around 400AD.

    And on the list goes. Many of the things that Christianity is accused of "borrowed" were part of the Christian faith first.

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    Dear bc munkee,

    I think if you'll do a study, you will find that many present day churches and temples derived their theology from a misunderstanding of what the Bible states. They tend to focus on a few of the verses of the Bible and build their theology around them. God tells us in His word that we are not to add to or diminish from His word, the Bible. Other religions are completely heathen in their beliefs, worshipping idols and carrying on rituals that are barbaric.

    Source(s): Bible (KJV); "Time Has An End" by Harold Camping.
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    Since there were so many other factions with their own beliefs and stories, early Christianity "borrowed" these customs to attract more followers.

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    Apparently the original Christians weren't very creative.

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    You have to be specific here. Name one, and authenticate it, please.

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