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Can a person that is spiritual be a bartender? They don't drink, just serve.?

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    Well, you know, there are lots of different views on the connection, IF ANY, between drinking alcohol and being spiritual.

    Why would moderate consumption of alcohol mean that one is not spiritual?

    But just on a practical level, I'd think that being around people getting plastered (with all the "charming" personality characteristics that go with that) might be enough to make one a cautious imbiber, if not a teetotaler.

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    Why not focus your energies on something more lasting and concrete than bartending? Even if you were not a spiritual person, it would be a temporary job at best. I suggest going to school and either choosing a vocational course that will lead to a career or else, getting a degree. I may be biased, but I feel that if you want to get a degree, you should really think about whether or not that is enough. It may be a good platform for other things. Often you need a Master's degree or Ph.D..

    Let's say you wanted to study psychology. You would then need a counselling certificate or else a Master's to teach, write, do research or become a teacher. To become a scholar, you need a Ph.D. If you want to go into English Literature, you can go on to teach through organizations such as Tesol and CUSO or the American equivalent.

    With just a degree, though, it may not be enough. You may want to go for applied business technology, lab assistant, practical nursing, or rehab assistant or some other concrete vocation.

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    Spirituality is not about what you work as, but what you are inside. A person well knowledge in religious texts who works as a volunteer in a church, temple. ashram, synagogue or mosque but is filled with hatred, anger and jealousy is not spiritual at all...

    But a person with basic knowledge of religion, works as a bartender or even a butcher, but is able to sincerely bring some comfort and joy into the hearts of other, through Kindess, Care and Inspiration...

    THAT person is said to be wayyyyyyy more spiritual and worthy of Divinity's fruits, than one who is thought to be spiritual through being in close proximity to a place of worship...

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    Sure, nothing wrong with that. Drinking isn't even a sin--being a drunk is condemned in the bible, however.

    Edit: Wait, you didn't even say you were talking about Christianity. XD; Sorry if I assumed too much. A "spiritual" person can be whatever they want.

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    didn't jesus drink wine? don't some churches serve wine? But I can see the other side of the argument as well, becuase if you cause someone to sin then you are as bad as them, but then again I didn't know drinking (in modesty) was a sin... but since you didn't say religious you won't have to worry about the rules of your religion or other "religious" people judging you. So just be true to yourself and your beliefs.

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    Yes. Jesus served as sort of a bartender. He drank too.

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    Yup as long as you just keep on serving distilled spirits.

    Seriously though...if by saying you are spiritual means you are not religous and bound by religous laws then you can be anything that is morally right.

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    Sure they can. What better place. Most good bartenders are armature therapist too.

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    you have to think about the association you are exposed to. If you are a real christian you wouldn't want to be anywhere near a bar. The dregs of society hang out there.

    Drunks were stoned to death in ancient Israel.

    Find another job.

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    Y not? The Salvation Army and other people who help everybody are in bars, or even worse places, not judging but just there. (No I am not one, but I admire them and the work they do)>

    Or are you just being funny with the word spirit????

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