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How much did your engagement ring cost and what size diamond do you have?

Basically i want to buy and engagement ring for my woman, we have already talked about it and shes begging for it. The propblem is i never bought an engagement ring before and i want to get her something she is proud of with out breaking the bank. So i would like to konw what you guys bought for your ladies and if any ladies also can tell me the diamond size and if you know the price. Thanks a million our going to make me and my woman very happy if you help me!!

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    I don't know.. it is a personal decision.

    the standard is a ring should cost 2 month's salary.

    I am no longer married, but mine was 1 karat. I personally would not wear a ring smaller. I know it sounds awful, I just wouldn't.

    I am dating a guy seriously now and I would want a ring no less than 2 karats. My last b/f wanted to buy me a ring for 14K..l but we didn't have that stable a relationship.

    Don't get too caught up in the ring deal. If she loves you, it is not about the ring, but you are so sweet to be planning and asking.

    Good luck to you two!

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    I am a recent bride. It totally depends on your income. Clearly asking for a 2 ct ring if you make 30k a year is silly. The general rule is 2 months salary. If your lady is BIG into 'bling' then you might wanna buy a little more. OR if you don't think you can afford what she wants right now then maybe say this her first ring and as years go by you'll get bigger. I would also suggest getting friends' recommendations and NOT using a 'ring store'. My ring was 1.3ct and VERY good quality. It cost 9k but was appraised for 12k because not bought in 'ring store'. Lastly, you could always propose with a cute/silly ring and say that part of your process is taking her shopping to pick out what she wants. There is size and quality and that makes all the difference. Good luck!!

  • Buy Carefully! Diamonds are sold on a grading scale, with various initials (ie. VSI) and with alphebetical scale (A thru ?).

    Diamonds are artificially made scarce on the World Market by their control by the "DeBeers" cartel. This monopoly in the diamond market has resulted in ridiculously high prices for a decent engagement ring.

    Thank goodness for COSTCO (that's where I'd go if I didn't have connections in the diamond industry)...

    20 years ago, when I got engaged to the woman who is now my wife.......I was fortunate enough to know personally a reputable jeweler that was having a "Going Out Of Business Sale".

    The ring is V.V.S.I. "G" (Very Very Slight Imperfection) which is higher than the "VSI" most jewelers sell.

    .59 carats, in an 18 carat gold settling.

    Even though the ring isn't "Big", its a very very high quality rock, and my wife ALWAYS gets compliments about her ring.

    Paid under $2k for it in 1986, but wifey had it appraised (20 years ago) at $4k.

    Nowadays, you'd have to pay $6500 for a ring of this quality.

    Rule of thumb (according to "DeBeers") is "2-3 months salary")

    My purchase, in 1986.....was only 1/2 month's salary for me....but I was able to get about 3x the ring for my money at the "Close-Out Sale"

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    My engagement ring cost $8,000. It is a one carat round diamond with 8 smaller diamonds - 4 on each side. My wedding ring cost $1500. It has 9 diamonds. Both are beautiful!

    My now husband asked me to go ring shopping after 1 month of dating. He picked out my rings because he loved them, and I fell in love with them. It worked out well for us!

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    Be careful when buying a ring. Shop around and talk to people. Ask for referrals. Friends who are married or engaged, ask them where they got the ring. Don't ask them how much it costs. Most people are uncomfortable with that question. You should spend approx. 2 months salary on the ring. There's no reason to spend more than that.

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    Mine was 1/2 carrat,, which is just fine and she should not have a problem showing it off. Price depends on where you go, you have to shop around to get the best price. You can pay $1000 for it one place and $3000 another. There are differences in quality that you need to learn about. Check everything out before you buy. You can get her a 1.5 carrat real cheap and it may just be that.. real cheap.

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    As far as I'm concerned the ring is very personal and what one girl thinks is a huge stone or big enough might be a spec to another. I personally would want a 1 1/2 ct to 2 ct stone. Some girls are ok with 1/4 ct. You should find out what she likes that way you have a starting point. If your concerned about her being proud of it knowing the size she would want is crucial. Like I said I personally would bug out over a ¼ ct ring and would not be proud of it.

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    If you are on a budget and don't want her to think you are cheap. I would get her a 1/2 carat center stone with some accents on the sides. That way it will be cheaper but by getting the accents on the side it will look more expensive. She will have more bling without breaking the bank on a one carat.

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    Have her pick out a ring. You don't have to fall for the 2 month salary crap. If mine spent that much on a ring I would not wear it. I would be to scared too. You women that say you won't wear nothing smaller than a carat(NOT SAYING YOU ARE) but y'all sound materialistic. The ring should symbolize your love for her. Just let her pick one out that way you know she is getting what she likes.

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    My husband popped the question and told me he wanted ME to pick the rings because he was nervous about doing that and since I would be wearing it forever. We went together and I did get something reasonably priced and my 'style.' His decision to let me pick out the set got a big THUMBS UP from me and from a lot of other people, too.

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