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who use bleach for cleaning and why do you use it?

who ueses bleach for cleaning cos i dont cos its a possion and i hate the smell and its so toxic and bad for the environment is there a different cleaner thats natrall and dos not have bleach in it and not bad for environment plz help

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    I like to use Clorox bleach better than any brand.

    It cleans and sanitizes better than anything I have used.

    I put a lid (from Clorox bottle) full of Clorox in my dish water, in my toilet tank, and in white clothes wash.

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    I use bleach because its a disenfectant and its a good cleaner. I use bleach all over the bathroom and I know that its actually cleaned..all the germs are killed and it leaves a refreshing smell that dissipates in a day or so. Its cheaper then anything else to buy as well...a huge jug for like three bucks is a great deal. Also it gets out stains in the toilet without scrubbing and I know it says its toxic but I find it is less toxic then other bathroom cleaners and smells better and I dont feel high and kind of stoned after using it like I do with other cleaners.

    There are natural ways to clean as well like lemons baking soda for scrubbing and vinigar are powerful natural cleaning agents.

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    I use bleach for several jobs around the house - cleaning the drains, toilet, keeping the grout between tiles clean etc. I don't go over board with it due to the environmental issues but used corrrectly I see no harm in it. I also like Miltons for jobs around the house too. But then I try to keep on top of the jobs around the house so it never gets to a crisis point that needs gallons of the stuff!

    I do have a solution of bicarb of soda,water and tea tree oil mixed up in a spray that I also use for the toilet. Can't remember the proportions but it works good as well.

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    Bleach is a surefire way to disenfect any area.

    Pros recommend putting a dab of bleach into a spray bottle filled w/ water. Use it to spray your countertops and sink, let it set for a couple mins. and voila! No more germs. And it's very inexpensive compared to other cleaners. You can do the same thing for the bathrooms.

    I also use bleach on my white towels and socks.

    Many people put a dab of bleach in a bathtub filled with water and let their children's plastic toys set overnight to disenfect them. Of course, rinse them off well.

    If you can't handle the smell of bleach (which I LOVE because it screams CLEAN!!), use Clorox's household cleaner. It has a small amount of bleach that doesn't overkill the senses.

    Good luck!

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    I love the smell of bleach! It's a very useful product. I use it in laundry, especially towels and underwear. I use it to clean the toilet. It's a great product if used properly.

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    I use bleach in the bathroom cause it's such a powerful fungicide...I like the smell too...but be warned to never combine bleach and ammonia...makes poisonous gas.

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    Bleach is the Gold standard for cleaning.It cleans odor, grime, dirt, mould, mildew, and germs.

    There are some scented bleaches you can try if you don't care for the original scent.

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    i use bleach to clean up a crime scene. throws off cadaver dogs too.

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