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If you blow an airhorn in a microphone... would it blow the system?

because onetime i was at a judo tourny and they had airhorns for the timing table. after the tourny... i got an airhorn to keep and then i found a microphone... put 2 and 2 together... lol. im just wondering... would it blow the system cuz i want to have fun but i dont want to owe money.


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    You are funny, LMAO, I wonder what would happen, I would probably do it just to see what happens, but be careful so that you don't damage your hearing. Hopefully it won't blow the system. Can't you do it anyway? Just kidding, really. :)

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    Lol i can tell u the anwser from experience. My advice is to not do it cause i did it and the whole system blew,speakers.wires got fried,and the fuse even got blew up. It was fun while it lasted though.

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    Probably YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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