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i am getting breast implants, can you.....?

okay, my friend has really big boobs and she wants them smaller and i want mine bigger, acn yhou take the fat or w/e out of hers and put them in mine? i don't really want silicon because it can be dangerous.

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    you can always choose saline ones....and no you can't transfer fat from one person to another..it's just not that simple.

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    This is never going to happen. The only thing they put into another human is sterile prosthetics. With silicon implants there really isn't that much danger..not remotely as much as would come from receiving fat from your friend. If silicon ruptures it stays all clumped together and easily removed. Not only that but you can opt for saline implants which if rupture , the inner elements easily broke down by the human body.

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    Fat can be transplanted into the breast, and the results are generally very good..... and certainly much more natural than implants or any other augmentation method.... the problem is that it tends to develop small lumps and calcium deposits. By themselves they are completely harmless, but they intefere with mammograms by creating spots that appear on the xrays, and can be misinterpreted as cancerous lumps. As a result, this method is not in general practice.

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    Your best option if you are not interested in silicone(gel) implants is saline. Saline implants are pretty safe...if you get a leak it shouldn't cause any problems, besides a deflated breast. You can not transfer fat from other areas of your body or other peoples bodies to your breasts, the result would have bumps and most likely uneveness and most likely your body would reject the tissue.

    Source(s): I work for a Plastic Surgeon
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    No, you can't use someone elses body fat. It will be rejected. That would be far more dangerous than silicone could ever be.

    However, you can use your own fat, which can be injected into the pectoral muscles behind the breasts, but this is far more expensive and unpredictable than having breast implants. HTH : )

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    well this is the only way to get them bigger with silicone! In your place i would go first and have myself fittet into the right size of bra and naybe get a pushup one 1 then you can still decide what you want to do . Cutting is done gfast and it wil hurt . getting the right size bra is cheaper !

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    No you can't have your friends "fat" put into your body. If You don't want Sillicon get Saline implants!! Good luck!!

  • You should try a brain swap instead.

    No, her tissues would probably be rejected. And it's a myth that silicone is dangerous.

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    no i don't think you can do that, but i know you can transfer from a fatty area on your own body, like your tummy. i have heard that works fine. but not from other people. talk to your surgen. peace, and happy boobs to you! lol.

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