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I'm Doing an Art Project for school and I have to draw to three teenage models....that part was fine, but I don't have a clue what to do in the backround??? Any Suggestions???

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    I do believe you've had several good suggestioins but here is what I would do.

    Interview the models. Do the back ground according to their personalities.

    IE if one model is a very trend concious individual then depict the trends they enjoy most.

    If one model is a very sad personality then do something like rain, or cloudy skies in the back ground.

    or if one person enjoys music or a particular instrument then use that for the background. Say, if the muscian is a pianist then depict piano keys or music notes.

    The key is to have the focus on the model with the background only as an accent.

    Good luck to you. Hope you score an A+!

    Source(s): Graduate Art Institute of Dallas
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    It would depend on what the models are wearing but how about the entrance to your school, in bus lines, at the mall, standing out the front of a fast food chain, football game, or if you dont want real life; some kind of seventies pattern like the austin powers swirl.

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    Why not a mall, clothing store, sports field, school room, principal's office, front porch, street. All kinds of places.

    Or could do fancy cubist designs in background.

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    Draw one hundred teenage models in black and white

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    How about a beach with some palm trees and the sun is setting? That's always pretty.

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    A Mall in the background.

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    You can never go wrong with a city skyline or mountains.

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    puzzle pieces, marbles, something to contrast the picture... maybe a pattern of some sort..

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    you draw many trees and birds

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