how can i stop wondering where my bf is and what he is doing?

even when im busy these thoughts come in to play. i wish it would just go away. its causing me to be unhappy. ive been hurt before and lied to by my ex's and i dont want the same thing again. my bf has lied to me before about his whereabouts and im just trying to trust again. how can i stop this feeling cuz its bringing me down. i cant even enjoy myself when im out alone. plz help. plz no smart remarks cause this is serious. im feeling bad inside.

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  • Sheeth
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    1 decade ago
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    Do you really wanna trust him again?,If yes,his love and care will earn your trust back.Trust is directly related to our heart,we cant force our heart to trust someone,Trust comes naturally.Just like love,we cant force ourselves to love someone,it happens naturally.We dont have to try too hard to bring it in our heart,it comes naturally.So Its all upto your bf to gain your trust through his compassion.

  • There are two things you can do...confront him because your trust level has gone way down, or you can cut him loose, spend time time with just your friends and then go find another BF that you can that will give you the attention you want and that will not keep you guessing as to where he is...

    or you can continue to wallow in self pity...I don't think you will do that so....dump the old one as he probably won't change and go get a new one...a better one...

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    If you cant stop thinking about all that just brake up with him for a while. Give yourself some rest go out and party meet new guys don't get serous. JUST HAVE FUN!!! 4 real im sure he ant worth worrying over.

  • 1 decade ago

    Find a hobby that you really like!!

    Also just becasue I am a psychologist I can tell you from my experience, women who think about the whereabouts of their men as much as you are are probably dating men that are not your instincts!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I understand how you are feeling but I can't tell you how to make it go away. I've been hurt before too....had a bf who decided to go back to his ex wife. My now BF just found out that his exwife has left her man and wants him back......I'm in the same boat as you are....he says he would NEVER EVER go back to her, but I sit here and wonder ALL the time.....

    I'm sorry!!

  • 1 decade ago

    well ihave had the same problem with my boy friend. he cheated on me with my BEST FRIEND. you just have to learn to trust his again. cause without trust you shouldnt be together.

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