Why are some images of the Buddha fat while others are slim?

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    the buddha is also told to be chinese.. but he's not.. he's indian!

    the fat pictures you see of the buddha with his belly are just made up, sort of because it's such a major religion in china. but in all reality, he was indian, and prolly skinny.

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    The Buddha never encourage his fellowers to worship and made satute of him.

    In the first 500 years after the Buddha's parinibbana there were no Buddha image.

    When Alexander invaded India,the Greek introduced their sculpturing skill as well.

    The earlies Buddha image was in a gold coin found in India.It has the Buddha in a cowboy boots looking like Clint Eastwood!

    The different images of the Buddha are representation of that particular community perception of the Buddha.

    The Chinese like their Buddha to be fat as fatness represent wealth and prosperity.

    In Thailand and Myanmar,most Buddha images are slim.

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    The image you see that is fat dressed in a loosened robe with an exposed belly and chest is not the image of the historical Buddha.

    The fat image is really an image of a Buddhist Monk in China who had attained the state of Arahatship ( Buddhist saint ) and would go around performing miracles helping others. CHildren would run over to him and just hang out. He was always seen smiling and laughing and carried a really large grey sack from which is said he could draw anything from it like a magician.

    Hence the ancient chinese deemed him the Laughing Buddha. There are of course many other stories of the Laughing Buddha which is said to bring prosperity, joy and luck... this is just one of them

    The historical Buddha Sakyamuni was not chinese, in fact he was born in Lumbini Park, Nepal. Images of that Buddha can be seen in Thailand, Burma and many parts of Oriental Asia ( Afghanistan had some historical carvings too but they were destroyed by taliban I think )

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    The "fat" buddha is a chinese monk (it's called the Laughing Buddha). He's the only one that has such a great girth. lol

    There are 28 different Buddha's.

    Most of the Buddhas actually have a really great (slim) physique.

    Buddha, "Siddharta Gautam was a thin man who ate once in 24 hours" - or something like that rather.

    Source(s): I read it somewhere on here, someone already asked a question kind of like it, and I started reading about it elsewhere on the web. ;-) I hope someone will answer this question better for you!
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    Before Buddha became bloated by the exccesses of fame and was just a hardworking prophet intent on discovering nirvana he was thin. Lost along the way however, he took to eating bacon and marshmellow fluff sandwiches and requiring larger sequined jumpsuits. By the end he was doing inhuman amounts of illegal substances until he was found dead on the floor of his bathroom. Wait...maybe that was Elvis. Then again, aren't they almost the same?

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    Some are before Jenny Craig and some are after.

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