I want a boob job!My husband diss approves!?

I had three children,I'll be 24 in January,and I'm a freakin' A in the right,and a B in the left.I was not blessed like some women!I really want a breast inhancement!

Cause like I'm always having to prepare them for each time I go out into public to make them even!

It's sad ,I get so depressed because when I used to breast feed I was almost a D in each!And now they've both shriveled up to a prune!

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    Your husband loves you,

    Your husband is looking for your best interest.

    Your husband is interested in your health.

    People outside your home, that judge your breasts Dont love you.

    Listen to the one that loves you, listen to your husband.


    You are blessed, you have three little ones.

    Many women cant have children, those women that cant have children would cut off many parts of their body if they could have 1 child. You are blessed first for having 3 healthy children, and second you are blessed to have a husband that loves you.

    <-- Many women cant have, and they will never have what you do have, so you are blessed.

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    Why do you need his approval?

    Its your body so to have the operation if you can afford it.

    If you want him to pay for it, then that's a different story. He loves you the way you are and sees changing you as wrong because he loves you just the way you are. Explain to him that its only $8-10K that you will have to get redone ever 10 years or so which means at ages 24, 34, 44, 54, 64 with inflation that would be about $75K for a life time of boobs he doesn't care about.

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    I'm guessing that since you are young, he is too, and he is just insecure. He thinks you just want to get all sexed up and screw around. Hopefully that is not true and you do it for the same reason 90% of women do, you just want back what you had.

    If he really wanted to have kids, you could use that angle and say "Hey, I ruined my body so you could have the childern you wanted, I did this for you, you can do this (a boob job) for me."

    If that is not the case, you can very simple say, "Honey, I need to feel like myself again. I need to be able to feel confident that I look as good as I used to. This is for me."

    In any case, you would also likely benefit from doing a ton of research first. Make sure you know exactly what you are getting into. It is so common it seems routine, but in fact, it is surgery, and you are knocked out, so you could die. Do your research.

    A good site to look at is: www.implantinfo.com

    Source(s): When my wife told me she wanted boobs, it was already too late, she did her homework and was doing it for her not me. She is sexier than ever.
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    Does your husband realize that you don't want a boob job to get huge breasts, but some work done to help with the different sizes? See a plastic surgeon and get some information for your husband. But if this is causing depression in you then I think you should look into the surgery regardless of what he thinks.

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    You should really consider why you want this- I know a lot of women with implants (I live in So Cal) and I don't believe any of them did it "for them". They now wear low-cut blouses to show off their new cleavage and enjoy going out without bras. However, I do understand how you feel since you've had children- a lot of women have trouble coping with the changes their bodies have gone through after kids. You could get a lift so they won't sag. Regarding your husband, maybe he's afraid you're like those women I know and want new breasts to show off- not for your him and yourself only.

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    I hope you'll really think about it. I would love to be your size. Having larger ones makes your back hurt sometimes and it's much harder to run with them. You also get tired of people talking to your breasts as if they're your eyes. I've condsidered a reduction. Think it over carefully before going ahead with it. I've read some bad things about implants and their safety too. I'm sure you look good and are just being hard on yourself- especially since your husband thinks you're great the way you are.

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    I think its good that you and your husband have discussed this. Still it seems like the two of you have not discussed it in-depth. What you really should be doing is trying to align both your feelings and his feelings about it. You know why you want them, but have you explained it to him, in detail the way you wrote your question. You know he doesn't want you to get them, but do you know the reasons why not. Is he against all cosmetic surgery, is he afraid for your safety, will it cost a sizable amount of money that the two of you may not have?

    Personally, I would be very fearfull that my wife is undergoing surgery of any kind, but a "cosmetic" surgery would initally get a "hell no" from me. Still, if my wife and I set aside time to discuss this at length, and she explained to me her feelings about her appearance and self-esteem, as you have just done, I may be willing to find out more about the procedure and maybe relent. You both need the time and arena for your feelings and concerns to be heard.

    As a real word of caution, DO NOT make this decision without your husband's favorable consent. You really don't want to have to walk that road alone, with no one to care for you when you're healing. And if you manage to make it through that part by yourself, keep in mind that you will have already given license and "consent", by your actions, to do something on his own that you may not like or agree with.

    Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    Perhaps he likes you as an A cup. That's the woman he married, so why do you want to change it up on him now?

    He could really like your small breasts.

    I think you need to learn why he is against this.

    Why? So you better understand your husband.

    This is not just about him understanding you and going along with what you want, but you giving just as much effort into understanding and accepting his reasons for not wanting the change.

    Ultimately, it is your decision. However, strong marriages are not built on deciding soley on what you want, but giving equal weight, if not more weight to the desires of your partner.

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    Do research-

    How much, if any, will your insurance cover? If it's considered purely cosmetic, you'll need to pay the whole bill yourself.

    So you work? Your kids must be pretty young since so are you. Will you personally contribute to the bill? Once you get the financial part of the surgury figured out- who and how you'll pay for it, since it'll be upwards of $6,000 or more- find out what issues your hubby objects to and reassure him it's for your self esteem and mental health that are important here and maybe he'll approve.

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    My wife wants implants also, she is 32 B.

    The only reason I hesitated at all was the cost, but she found a doctor that will take 1/2 up front and payments on the balance, so I guess she is getting hers soon.

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