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child custody?

Can anybody tell me how my fiance should go about getting custody if neither parent has custody. I am the stepmom and my fiance is trying to get custody of his son. The son is already living with us and we just went to court and had child support dropped. Anybody been through this before and if so can you tell me a little about it?

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    well, you need to decide if you want legal or physical custody, or both. It's harder to get sole legal custody. Then you need a lawyer, especially if it will be contested by anyone (other parent, grandparent, etc.) The lawyer will walk you through the procedure, but basically, you're suing for custody.

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    The thing you have to do if you want cistody of the child is to get an attorney and file for custody of the child and sit down with your attorney and explain to him why the child would be better off with you than someone else. Then there will be a custody hearing and things go from there. When you file for custody the parents will also be notified you have done this and that is why there will be a hearing unless they do not oppose you.

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    It doesn't matter really who have the child since it is BOTH parents responsibilities to provide financially,mentally and love.

    But if the step child live with you the non custodial parent need to contribute with expenses and medical insurance. There is something called "MEDIATOR" have your fiance look into that.

    Best of luck.

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    when you get involved with the government in these arrangements you might as well flip a coin.

    I believe people should avoid the government if at all possible.

    Nobody can help you not even a high priced attorney, they too are part of the system.

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    Get a lawyer. State and county requirements can differ, so if it's important, get professional help to do it right.

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    yes i went through it but i had a great lawyer

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    well its a system that you have to go though i dont know much though

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