Why aren't there any woman priests in Catholicism or Christianity?

I'm looking for the actual reason why the Organizations do not allow women to be priests, bishops, etc.

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    men ruled the world back in ancient times

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    There is vestigal evidence in the Acts of the Apostles and in the letters of Paul and John in the New Testament that women did play prominent roles in the early Christian Church. Although they had no authority in the marketplace, they were the masters of their household economies. Prominent women often offered their houses for worship meetings, preached and directed the social work of the community. This effectively made them bishops in the days when the organizational structure of the church was open and flexible.

    With the legalization of Christianity in 312, things began to change. Women were relieved of their greater responsibilities. Women's names in the scriptures or in public records were masculinized or eliminated. Using carefully chosen scriptural passages, men asserted their authority and relegated women to supporting roles only.

    It has taken centuries for women to be taken seriously again. The excusively male hierarchy of the Catholic church resists changes that threaten the status quo. (As a cardinal, Pope Benedict had ordered the subject of women's ordination closed and affirmed the ridiculous proclamation that women could not be priests because they "did not physically resemble Christ".) Some less hierarchical Protestant churches have allowed women pastors. (The Episcopal church is fragmenting over this very issue.) The main reason against women's ordination is tradition and the lingering perception that women are somehow spiritually inferior to men. There is also a fear of backlash among conservative members of the church. When these attitudes are disposed of, there will be no theological barriers to women's ordination

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    Catholics don't believe that women should lead the Church, but do offer women a place if they feel called to the Lord and that is the sisterhood. Catholics see it has there are respected places for men and women and should be separated, but not greater or lesser in any way. Look at Mother Teresa, a nun as widely known as the Pope himself.

    Plus Paul in the second half on the New Testament had something to say about women and men in the church. Men are to be the leaders and women to help men be the best leaders they can be.

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  • You are very misinformed. I am United Methodist, our current Bishop of the Southern region of our denomination is a woman. Episcopalians also ordain female priests pastors and Bishops. We have several Pastor's throughout the United Methodist church who are women. Catholics don't do it because of the old testament women are not to speak in the church or hold office. Many churches do not ordain women into the ministry but many do.

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    My association does not believe that pastors (or bishops) can be women because of a verse that specifically says so. It is 1 Timothy 3:2. Unless a woman can be a husband, she can't be a bishop or a pastor or w/e else you want to call it.

    Source(s): KJV Bible
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    There are a lot of women priests in many Christian denominations! Virtually all protestant churches ordain women. Unlike what one person here said, some Christian churches call them pastors, some call them ministers, some call them priests. (In the Anglican/Episcopal churches, women are called priests.)

    The only Christian church that doesn't currently ordain women is Catholic, and most people believe it will eventually. It does however allow women to serve in other important positions.

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    I am Episcopalian, and we have a woman priest.

    Actually, Paul held contradictory views on the subject of women in the priesthood. While many of the responses on this love to use his quotes to ban women from the pulpit, they also ignore the evidence that Paul actually endorsed women as priests.

    Case in point? In Paul's letters to the Romans, Chapter 16, he commends Phoebe to them as deacon, and asks them to do what she requires. Phoebe was sent by Paul to raise money for the church in Jerusalem. Now, why would Paul send a woman to preside over a church in the ancient world's most important city to conduct such an important mission if he had problems with women in the pulpit? In addition, Paul mentions Junias and several other women in positions of church leadership, and lauds them for their service to the church.

    Too bad people are so selective in their reading of Paul's epistles. The church is poorer as a result of it.

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    Yes, there are numerous women pastors in Christian churches and the Catholic church is fighting a losing battle - just recently, I saw a female Catholic priest on television.

    She is being ostracized but she is not about to tuck her tail in and slink off into the sunset. Also, she has a healthy following who give their support.

    Jesus could not have been a sexist since it was a woman he told to go and tell the disciples of his resurrection. A woman was the first to see him and to receive his word.

    It was Mary, Lazarus' sister who listened attentively to what he wanted to say and passed on his teaching, while her sister Martha wanted to do kitchen detail.

    There are many instances of females in the bible, teaching, ministering but, they are downplayed because it is a man's world they seem to think and some (men and women) do believe that women ought to shut up and let their men do the talking.

    But the bible teaches that there would be neither Jew nor Greek, bond nor free, male nor female - ,just children of God, all receiving the blessing of Abraham, the Father of many nations.

    The Catholic Church is adamant that women should not serve in such commanding positions because women are lesser mortals to them, plain and simple. Somewhat like the Muslim faith, yet we judge the Muslims.

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    I Tim 2 addresses this as does the fact that all elders are men in the New Testament. God did not do this because he is a sexist. He did to maintain order in His church. As a women this allows me to commit to other ministries. Just because a man is leading doesn't mean that I am somehow less because of it. It in no way degrdaes me or makes me any less in God's eyes or in anyone else's (at least it shouldn't in anyone else's) This is actually harder for the men because that means that they have to lead and they will be judged for the decisions made under their authority.

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    Because every Mass atones for sin and the only gender of sacrifice that could atone for sin was male. Jesus was a male and the priest takes the place of Jesus offering himself to the Father as he did on Calvary. It is a reenactment of the same sacrifice, not a new one.Jesus is the Bridegroom. If we had female priests acting as Jesus trying to be the Bridegroom, we would in fact be condoning homosexuality and Satan would hit the deck laughing at us.

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    There are women preachers in Christianity. One of the most well-known is Joyce-Meyers.

    As Alicia S. Stated before me.

    I'm not Catholic so I can't answer the 2nd part of the question.

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