How do you get a copy of your property lines and property around you in map form?

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    As others have pointed out, your best bet (if you don't have one with your home's paperwork from when you purchased) is your local municipality or local government office. Your other option (if you can't get one there) is to have a survey of your property done. This can include a drawing of your property and the property boundaries, but won't include much of your surrounding environment -- just a small amount of the properties that border on yours.

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  • One clarification to the previous posts: DO NOT USE A TAX MAP! What you are seeking is a PLAT MAP.

    In most areas they are two different things. Tax maps are usually not intended to be the arbiter of where a particular property line is. A plat map is almost always the result of a survey and has a surveyor's seal on it.

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    Use google Earth edit: there will be a button that announces "draw a path". you're able to do the comparable element on Google Maps yet you may not save or print an arial version of the map. With Google Earth you additionally can insert pictures and trademarks. Edit: in case you prefer greater desirable strains get a survey. you ought to use the "ruler" function on Google Earth to confirm what number ft your line is. you will get a replica of the Survey from the MLS linked information assuming the broker has one.

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    I got mine from the county office that keeps the records of all the properties. (cost me $4)

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    Tax maps are in your town offices or county offices. Cost from 50 cents to $1.25.

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    You can usually find something telling you the exact information in your house deeds and sometimes even a map.

    If you don't have that information, you can also find something on file at your town's building and planning department.

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    Look in your house papers or go to the permit office.

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    From your house deeds................

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