What are some good ways to keep from feeling ear pain when flying?

I know about popping your ears and chewing gum. They don't work too well with me. How about ear plugs? I'm also looking for more scientific answers, but anything that works for you may help. Thanks!

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    I hate flying because of the popping... I literally used to cry... Gum chewing definitely helps.. it won't completely go away..but it becomes less painful..and makes the experience bearable...

    Also.. make sure you do not fly when you have an ear infection...

  • smurf
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    1 decade ago

    Don't use earplugs you're just jamming more pressure into your ears. If the gums doesn't work, try chewing on anything. If chewing just doesn't work for you than pinch your nose shut and keep your mouth closed and blow gently so air goes into your ears..I underline gently but that should equalize the pressure. Enjoy your next trip.

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    Aerotitis, aka "blocked ear," is very painful and takes place when an ear does not adjust to the airplanes pressure changes. It is often experienced by passengers with colds and ear infections.

    The following steam/heat remedy usually clears the blocked ear in seconds.

    1. Place an airline paper cocktail napkin in the bottom of a small wax-coated drinking cup (found at galley and lavatory drinking water dispensers).

    2. Add boiling water from a galley hot-water spigot covering the paper napkin. If you quickly pour off the water, the napkin will steam.

    3. After you are sure you have drained off every drop of hot water, tip your head and place the little cup with hot steaming paper over your ear. Pain eases in moments as the steam reaches your eustachian tube.


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    You can chew gum. There is also a medicine to help with that. Swallow frequently. Yawn. Gently blow through your nose while pinching your nostrils shut. Use a nasal spray if you have a head cold. Take a mild decongestant. Take a antihistamine about 1 hour before.

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    Chew gum, take an antihistamine(this will help from ears clogging/popping and runny noses), drink lots of fluids.

    Source(s): done the antihistamine and it works along with chewing gum
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    Yawning or ear-popping (like Sam explained) works the best for me... My ear pain is so intense that I've never even noticed that ear-popping hurts.

    I've heard that it's not a healthy habit, though?

  • Esma
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    Try drinking Sprite or another clear soda. It doesn't work for everyone, as you said, but it works for me. (My ears pop HORRIBLY.)

    There is also the very painful way of popping them...hold your breath, plug your nose, and breath out into your closed mouth and nose as hard as you can. It HURTS like none other, but the original pain is gone after that, and that new pain goes down quickly.

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    chew gum lots of gum so your ears wont pop

  • Tigger
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    Believe it or not, yawning helps too. And for the same reason that popping your ears does, but is less painful.

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    Chew gum it causes more saliva in your mouth therefore making you swallow which moistens your ear tubes and throat. this should help

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