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For those of you who have had a miscarriage?

This is an odd question, but I was wondering what other women who have had miscarriages did with the fetus that came out? Did the hospital take it, or did you flush it or bury it? Please state how far along you were in your pregnancy at the time of your miscarriage. Thanks to all the mothers who will answer this question. God bless you.

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    ok i have had a misscarrige back in 97. i lost mine in the toliet cause it felt like i had to go to the bathroom but not pee. not knowing that was going to happen even tho i had alot of heavy bleeding before i was 10 wks along when i lost mine.and i just felt a big like a golf ball maybe little bigger clot come out and i didnt know that that was the baby and i did flush so my bf took me to the er right after and they did an exam and everything said my cervix was open and that i lost the baby. the dr. told me like a week or two before i actually miscarried that one of my hormone level was low and that i should probly get a dnc but i got a second oppinion and that dr said if i do miscarry that i shouldnt need one as long as the bright blood eventually turned brown before it quit and after the bleeding stops to get a pelvic exam to make sure. and i didnt end up needing one. i was really upset when i lost mine but now i have 2 healthy babys a 7 yr old, a 2 yr old and am expecting my 3rd in 9 wks. but i think you are supose to take it to the hospital if your very far along, but my dr told me the main thing they do is check the fetus and make sure it all came out. but that was almost 10 yrs ago so things might be diff now.

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    Ive had 1 miscarriage - at 7 wks gestation. I wasnt asked if i wanted to bury the fetus or anything like that. At that age of gestation usually it is only as big as your fingernail so you cant really see it that well anyway. I dont know if the fetus passed out of me before i got to the hospital or after. I also had an ectopic pregnancy (where the fetus is growing outside the uterus). It can kill the mother and the child pretty early on in the pregnancy and my hospital aborted. I was 6wks along at the time - no option was given if i wanted to see or not and to tell you the truth i wouldnt have wanted to either.

    Im now pregnant again - this is my first baby and ive carried fullterm. Im now 37wks. In Australia a fetus/baby is not classed as a stillborn until it is over 20wks gestation. That is when they usually give the mother the option to see the baby. Before that, ive never heard of any story of women keeping or burying their own babies, unless they asked specifically for it before the fetus was expelled.

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    I lost mine earlier this year and i was 3 and a half months and i asked to get mine buried. I don't know what the doctors would've done and i didn't want to imagine it so i asked to get the body buried. It was pretty hard but i guess it was meant to be since i was only 16 and the father didn't care or even ask.

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    i was pregnant with a set of twin boys at 5 months along..i had a DNC and the drs took the babies..no burial or anything.

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    hiya i havent had a misscarriage my self but my sisters has had 2 and she has had to flush them down the toilet both times and she was 9 weeks at one point and 10 weeks on the other one . hope this help x

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