Those who have experienced God through Jesus...?

accepting him as your personal savior.....

i understand that, and i respect your belief. but those who say that it is the only way- to experience communion with God-

how could you possibly know what other people have experienced, and whether or not they have or haven't? you can't...just like you can't prove to anyone else your own experience. only you know your own truth.

there are many to have claimed connection and communion with God-

to claim to have or know the one and only path to God is ignorant, misinformed and righteous.


i don't mean it as a personal attack-

this is a discussion forum. you can choose to answer or not-

i respect all beliefs, and we are all allowed to state what we belief. no harm meant, or taken.

plus, some people have read into this as if i am "angry". not at all. passionate, yes. this subject hits close to home

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    It is true there is more then one way to god....Just look around there about 2 billion of them walking on this planet today....That is if you truly believe that we are all one.It is also true that a person can only speak there truth...Because there truth is the only thing that they themselves have actually experienced. You can experience anothers truth by observing it from the people around you....But do not assume anything only hold fact as truth or else you will get lost..........Do not assume you can know Jesus by 3 simple books in the bible.....He is more then that Just as you and I are more then that....You will not know Jesus Unless you know Jesus.....Literally not conceptually Just as You know Your brother, sister,mother, father and Friends......The church corrupted his truth long ago, Altered the stories of him. So You and I will never truly know him unless he wants us to know him.

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    Just to point it out, when at the end you say, "to claim to know the one and only path to God is...righteous." That's not a bad thing. Being righteous is good.Being self-righteous is bad.

    Anyway, if you are a Christan then the core belief is that Jesus is he only way to heaven. That is what makes a Christan. I understand that it sounds self-righteous but sometimes one way is just right and one way is just wrong. There is only so much room for relativism there. I believe with all my heart that Jesus is "the way, the truth, and the light." According to him, "No one comes to the Father (God) but by me." Other people may have had encounters with God through different circumstances, but through none other than Jesus. Sorry if this comes off wrong, but there can be absolute truth, which is what I think you're getting at.

    Best of Luck!

    Source(s): Hey, I didn't think you were angry or anything. I think it is a very good question though it does make me angry when other christians put people down for challenging their belief system. If you truly believe what you believe is right then you should have no problem with anyone or everyone challenging it. Because if it is true, then the validity of your argument will only be solidified through the error of the opposing argument. If however, your argument does not prevail then you were in the wrong to begin with, and if you truly seek truth then you should be happy to have your error shown to you.
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    You used a term in there, "Truth". I want to ask how do you know what truth is? When someone makes a truth claim there is an exclusiveness to their answer. Therefore, by definition, truth is an exclusive claim about something.

    So, either Jesus is who he claimed to be or he isn't. Based on the evidence given thru historical means and thru the scriptures, there is an overwhelming amount of evidence that Jesus is who he claimed to be (truth) and therefore what he claimed is also true.

    In the New Testament, The Gospel of John, Chapter 14, Jesus says "I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the father except thru me". Jesus is stating a claim that he is the way to the father and that belief in him is the only way to the father.

    Lastly, look at all other belief systems: atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc... Every system is based on a truth claim that is either or. Either it is such and such or it isn't such and such. So, truth is exclusive which all systems of religions (and non religions) use. Which one matches most closely with reality and ultimately, which one provides the most coherent world view. I think you will find that Christianity answers the worldview in the most comprehensive and coherent way that reflects reality and the person of Jesus Christ.

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    I think those who claim accepting Jesus as the only way of experiencing God are misinformed in one sense, but are working through the Truth. They do not see what it means when Jesus says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life."

    Let us take things slowly here. All of humanity has experienced God since creation and still do. Paul states that looking to the order and granduer of creation man can know and experience God. This would mean the Buddhist, Hindu, Muslem, Jew, Christian, have experienced God. The very act of Creation itself revealed who God is to us. Each has expressed the meaning of God in our history through their culture and religious rituals. They all try to give appropriate expression of who this mysterious God is that they encountered. Yet, they still express the experience of a mysterious God who cannot be put into imagery (for God is beyond any creative things expressive nature, whether it be statues, temples, or human thought). Each try their best to explain the mystery of God and eventual union with God. Hence, the Buddhist desire for Zen; Hindu desire for Nirvana; Jewish, Christian, and Islamic desire for Heaven. Each has a goal to God and express God according to their understandable terms.

    And so, all of humanity experienced God, BUT the clarity of what is encountered is in Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God. Being the Word, Jesus, in His very person, tells us clearly who God is through His Incarnation and relationship with the Father. So, the Christian has a clearer revelation from God by God, who is Jesus the Word of God. The mystery is finally revealed!

    Now do not think that this makes the Christian exhalted above all other people. In fact we share the same title as our Jewish brothers and sisters. We to are the "Chosen People". This term does not mean the Jew or Christian is an elite group. The term correctly means we are a "people chosen for a task," which is to proclaim what is revealed and teach it no matter how violently the world reacts to such Truth. And so, being a Christian is not easy especially when evagelizing to the nations. As a Catholic priest it is difficult to do this when so many people are ready to believe evangelization is really us bragging about our elite status. Or people are ready to belive that my evangelizing the Gospel is an attempt to manipulate for control the whole world! Why would I preach the Gospel to control the world when we are taught to deny worldly ways and hope for Heaven and not the earth? We know our destiny is not to this earth, but to God Himself. There are other accusations I suffer from people, but the Good News for the world given by Christ I will always preach. And so, most of these accusations are held over grudges from the Church's imperfect history or just personal injustices suffered at the hands of other Christians. Either way this does not alter the Truth that the Church teaches of Christ.

    If people would take time to read and study the Vatican Document "Lumen Gentium", they would understand what we do in a different light.

    Sorry that this is lengthy. I hope that through all these words I happen to help you in some way. May the Lord bless and keep you. May He let the light of His face shine upon you.

    God's and your beast of burden

    Fr. john

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    Yes, so it would appear. Do you know all of your friends friends? DO you know who all of your Dad's friends are? Since God is so amazing, it is impossible for me to know even a fraction of who knows Him and who doesn't.

    However, He does give me some clues.

    John 14:6 (Amplified Bible)

    6Jesus said to him, I am the Way and the Truth and the Life; no one comes to the Father except by (through) Me.

    The kicker, here, is that I have no idea how Jesus will do this. There are a LOT of people who claim to know Him that act like otherwise and a lot of people who act like they know him that do not necessarily say that they do.

    Romans 8:19

    The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.

    So, we humans can't really tell. We'll just have to wait for the last chapter.

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    you word the reason its complicated is cuz faith...all ALL faith is fake and volatile to humanity. So it doesnt make experience. If it made experience it must be genuine. It ISNT genuine so it doesnt make experience. Thats why there are all those little sayings like "god works in mysterious techniques" thats an excuse for persons to apply even as issues dont artwork the way faith tells you they do. each and anybody is afraid to die. faith makes them a lot less afraid to die and enables them to stay their lives. faith is a crutch for the susceptible minded that are petrified of demise, ITS not genuine and each and each and every of the thumbs down and responses that i'm confident will follow can not make it genuine. we are mould on an orange interior the refrigerator of the universe. So the answer for your question IS that god does not exist and the tale about jesus and each and everything interior the bible is fiction. :)

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    I do not understand, asked a question,...then proceeded to answer your own question. Just a pretext to tell us what you think,...which you are entitled to do,...but is this the proper fourm?

    "No one comes to the Father except through Me"

    Those were the Words of Jesus,..take it or leave it. I choose to believe, it is MY choice. If you chose not to believe? That is yours. Ask yourself this? Why should it matter to you? Why are you seeking validation for your beliefs? Does attacking mine,..strengthen yours?....or are you seeking something, and are looking for a way out of it?

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    No one can say who has communed with God and who hasn't. We cannot judge that way. I would say that if you have, I am happy for you. Unfortunately, more and more people are willing to become judges, than to just accept what other people have to say. It makes the rest of us look really bad. Good Luck!!!

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    That's why its called a belief.

    While there are so many reasons as to why we believe what we believe, ultimately, it is not our responsibility to "prove" God to anyone. That is God's job.

    So it comes down to faith. that is what we believe.

    You have heard it before.....


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    All I can say is that Jesus transformed my life! Communion with God is complete now through Him.

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