What produces salt in the ocean...?

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    Millions of years of water flowing into the Oceans carrying dissolved minerals has created a saline environment. Think about it, where else on the Earth do you find salty bodies of water... The Great Salt Lake in Utah and The Dead Sea in Israel are two examples. What do they have in common? Neither one of them have any outflow. The Dead Sea is lower than the ocean, so water does not flow out of it, and The Great Salt Lake is surrounded by mountains, so there is no way for the water to flow to the ocean.

    So, anyplace where water will flow carrying dissolved sediments and minerals without an outlet, will collect more and more salt. This is exagerated by the fact that the water itself will gradually evaporate, leaving behind the salts and minerals while more water will continually bring in more salts and minerals.

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    The salt in the ocean got there because of erosion on land -- as minerals eroded or dissolved in river and ground water, it eventually made its way to the sea. Water evaporated from the sea, leaving the assorted minerals behind.

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    Salt in the ocean floor dissolves in the ocean.

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    Water is a universal solvent and disolved minerals on the seafloor over billions of years because the ocean is in constant motion.

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    Salt origins from the minerals of the seafloor

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