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A great quick knit or crochet blankie pattern for grandma?

Hey everyone. Short on money this year and need a pattern for a fairly quick and easy crochet or knit afghan.

Its for my grandmother who is going to be 90 in Feb and Id love to make her something cuddly, warm, and comforting. Anyone have a good link?

I know I could do a fast double crochet one but I want something nicer?

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    most elderly people enjoy lap robes. Just cast on even number of stiches, with any size needles that you may have (size 8 is good and works quicky). Then just knit 4, pearl 4, for 4 rows, then reverse for the next four rows,etc. Hope this gives you an idea

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    Here is a super simple crochet pattern that is thick and dense when finished and therefor very warm. It also looks like a knit seed stitch......Crochet a base row of single crochet and on the second row do one single crochet followed by a half double crochet,a single,half double and keep repeating until you get to the end. After turning, start with the opposite stitch you ended with....if the last stitch of the previous row was a single crochet,then the first stitch of the next row will be a half double crochet in the top of that single crochet. This blanket looks so pretty in all one color but would look just as good in stripes of coordinating colors. I like to use five colors, 4 of them in the same family and one contrasting,such as brown, rust, peach, cream, with aqua for contrast.

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    Even better, make it out of fleece!

    You can make one of these in an evening (I've done it, so I know it's true!).

    You can also order the fleece online, so you don't even need to go to the store!!!

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    Here's a few to start with.


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  • this website has great free patterns.. You should find something there.

    Source(s): I have gotten many patterns from this site and have done a few of them.
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