How do I get a loan to help pay for school? I don't have much credit, am young, but have a fulltime job.?

I need to get my transcripts from my old college but can't until I pay off the rest I owe to the school. I owe approximately $6800. I have little credit, am only 22, but I do have a full time job. I'm trying to go back to school.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Regardless of your credit situation, you can get federal loans to help pay for school. If you owe that much to your old school, I don't think the federal loans will help you much there since it has already past. You should just opt for a credit card, or a loan from a family member.

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    Hey there,

    You have many options...

    I would need to take a close look at your file though in order to best answer your question..

    Federal loans are given wihout any credit check, so that wont hurt you..

    Having a full time job is a definite plus, and can help you greatly in qualifying..

    I t may be smart for you to consolidate your current loans first..(depending on how much you have) because it will also make qualifying much easier...

    I work with Student Aid Lending, we are a nationwide title IV lender administered by the Department of Education... I would be happy to assist you with your student loans....

    Take a look at my yahoo 360 profile.. There is alot of helpful information there for anyone to view.. You can also find the direct link to my website..

    It is actually a VERY SIMPLE process, it can be completed in 10 minutes over the phone and internet...

    Feel free to call or email me at any time.. Im available at all time to answer any questions or concerns you may have..

    I hope this helps!

    Jason Fry

    Student Aid Lending

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