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If your GF was taller than you, would you feel like less of a man?

My BF & I are almost the same height, but if I put heels on (3 inches), I'd be taller. He said I cant be taller than him and he wouldnt like that. He joked that he wouldnt go out with me if I had heels on, but I know he means it. All of my cutest outfits have to worn with heels! Whats the big deal? We are both early 20's- isnt this petty?

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    i am a short man. it would bother me abit. but if you are happy together, than let him know not to make a big deal of it.

    ps. tell him 2 have a couple drinks before you go out. it will relax him!

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    I'm 5'8" and went on a date with a girl who was 6'2". I felt like I was walking around with my mommy. On the other hand...I find myself attracted to tall women with legs that don't quit! There's nothing sexier than a girl in a nice pair of heals...especially if they're worn in the bedroom!

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    Remind him of this one important fact; YOU ARE THE SAME SIZE LAYING DOWN!

    If that is not good enough for him, there are a ton of short guys that will love to take his place.

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    everyone the same when lay down who care tell might me to get over it

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